Theo and Mick arrived early today as did Johnny ‘Mad Dog’ McClain, we’ve known Theo our entire 6 years in Turkey, he’s not only a good friend but a bike riding buddy too, Mad dog McClain came to not only say ”Goodbye” but to ask questions about Bulgaria.

After pleasantries, Theo, Mick and myself began loading the pick up truck.

We had no rope to secure everything in the back of the pick up, but Theo managed to find a long piece of shoe lace…Hhmm!!

With my car loaded up also we set off for Micks new house.

The security guard would not allow  Theo’s pick up truck to proceed up the very steep hills to Mick’s house without something more substantial than a shoe lace to hold all the heavy electrical items. Mick there for had to stand on the tail gate to hold the heavy washing machine and cooker in place (aswell as himself)  incase the shoe lace snapped, God it was funny….Its at times like these I wish I had a video camera in the car!!

Mick’s new house is so high up that birds have been known to have nose bleeds, the air is so thin up here that we needed extra fag breaks to catch our breath!!

On the way down from Mick’s we waived at a passing group of climbers practicing for an Everest assent, then it was off to the Sani (Industrial area) for me to get what was left of  my exhaust nailed back together.

I went down in to the pit and the under side of the car bore many scars from the 90km of off-road driving in the dark (Going to take a different route back to Bulgaria) the rear box was too chewed up to be patched so bought a new silencer, the rest of the exhaust could be saved with some welding here and there….Oops!!

With my nice quiet car I drove back to the flat just in time to say ”Goodbye” to MD, and  then pose for a photo by my cheap car (By Turkish standards) this same car is almost 5 times more expensive in Turkey than in Bulgaria!!

Later this evening were off to Mick and Luceens old house (Which they vacate tonight) for a last meal together.

When they finally left at night we took 2 of their dogs in the back of the car up to their new house.

~ by travelswithmymotorbike on September 12, 2010.

7 Responses to “AN EXHAUSTING DAY”

  1. I will miss your and Theo’s bike trips, they produced some great photos, such is life!!


    • Hi James,

      Indeed, such is life…I will miss Theo too, we spent endless hours every winter in his office planning bike trips!!



  2. Well havnt you been busy since I last visited, its gonna take me ages to catch up with my reading, luckily work is a little slow in the office lol…signed up for the blog now so shouldnt miss any more posts…Very exciting/strange life (Mean it in a nice way) you lead Dave, puts us 9 till 5 people to shame.

    Carry on with the good work!!

    All the best

    Robo (Now signed up)

    • Hi Robo and welcome back, there is an endless source of blog materiel here for at least a couple of years….



  3. Tough little cars those Astras, I used to have one a few years back

    • Yes, I like my Astra, when all the building finishes I might up grade to a Newer Astra, you’d be amazwd what you can carry inside and on the roof!!



  4. Birds get nose bleeds…funny lol

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