We’ve been pulling up grapevines,  chopping down trees and pulling up weeds for about two weeks now, a large 1/2 acre garden seemed a really good idea…before we had one!! Now at least progress is beginning to show, because I bought a car the other day I need to clear the overgrown land near the metal gates so I can bring my car in.

When I lived in UK I used to like watching TIME TEAM on Channel 4, it’s an archeological programme where they scratch away at the soil to unearth clues and artifacts from ancient times, I used to think that was a cool  and easy job scratching away at dirt all day……After spending days scratching away at dirt to get my car in, I now think the people on TIME TEAM deserve a pay rise!!

Had our first medical emergency today, Linda and sharp tools have never gone together well!!

But she carried on like a trooper, the important thing however was that I could bring my car in!!

~ by travelswithmymotorbike on September 7, 2010.


  1. your Astra does look kinda sporty in that last pic

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