Our very first drive out in the car after buying it the other day was to Veliko Tarnovo (VT), shopping for kitchen electricals etc and to price up all manner of DIY materials I will need to restore the farm house.

In this region of Bulgaria the roads are good and the road signs are in English.

The tunnel enterance to VT.

I’ve placed photos of road signs on the blog so people can clearly see they are in English in this area.

PRAKTIKER and CBA are next to each other in VT, PRAKTIKER is a large DIY chain operating in all the major places in Bulgaria, choice was quite good for most things, prices were a little more than B&Q in UK but not too high. CBA is a large electrical retailer and food supermarket chain, again they can be found in all major towns throughout Bulgaria, prices for electrical items here was very good and a very wide range of choice.

~ by travelswithmymotorbike on September 1, 2010.


  1. Hi Dave and lady,
    What a lot of work and you still have the time to update the blog. Will there be wine from your property this year and do you already have a winelabel ?


    • Hi Rene,

      Yes there is more to come on this blog, its about 1 month behind real events at the moment….Thought about calling the place EBAY FARM, not sure yet though.



  2. Rene, via Uncle Davie:

    it’s Dave’s way of getting out of doing work for a brief period. whenever he gets tired he says to Linda, HEY, I’m going to update my BLOG now and check my eMail.

    Wet Coast Scootin

  3. Thank you uncle Bob !
    Also a nice site – yours-by the way
    (Thx Dave for passing by)
    No Fear of Flying –

  4. I heard IKEA are about to open in Sofia

    • Hi MD,

      I was talking to Damiano yesterday when we were all looking at houses….He’s just come back from Romania and says just drive there for big ticket items, so cheap at the moment because the Romanian money has just taken a dive in the currency markets, Romania is only about an hoursdrive from here.



  5. What a great blog you’ve got, Damiano put me onto it, we bought a house in Sushitsa from him earlier this year but it needs total renovation. Have two more, one liveable, near General Toshevo over by Dobrich. Unfortunately we work in Sweden at the moment to get enough cash together to move over in a couple of years and start renovating. I shall follow your adventures carefully and also understand your departure from Turkey. Bulgaria seems a lovely country with friendly people and very basic. Love to meet up with you both sometime and see how the renovation goes, we’ll be over in March for a couple of weeks and will see Damiano and Anna for sure, they’re so easy to get along with. Cheers for now. Tequila Mike

    • Hi TM,

      Welcome aboard, please feel free to comment any time……….we live here full time now so pop in for a cuppa if your passing, the blog is about a month behind at the moment but I’m slowly catching up, spent today trying to restore an old cast iron SINGER sewing machine and table that was given to us, it will make a nice display in the hallway (When I can get around to doing the hallway) also we found an old wooden spinning wheel were trying to bring back to life, its in about 1000 bits and we cant find any photos on google what it should look like lol..



  6. ebay farm…it does have a ring to it….vin de ebay farm lol

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