The farm came with an unbelivable amount of junk to dispose of, well junk to us at least. In exchange for all the metal rubbish we were clearing out (They can sell the metal to scrap dealers) several villagers turned up to help clear out the farm.

The cast iron stove below was very heavy to move.

Ropes were placed around the old stove so 4 to 6 people could lift it.

A number of tractor trailers of rubbish were taken away.

Victor our American neighbour above, did an excellent job as translator for the day.

The large Walnut trees on the East wall had become very overgrown, Fidel kindly offered to trim them.

Plus some other trees we didn’t need were then cut down.

The clearing day was finished off with drinks in the cellar, the coolest place we could find.

~ by travelswithmymotorbike on August 28, 2010.

6 Responses to “THE GREAT CLEAR OUT”

  1. I was hoping that you may have unearthed a 1942 BMW motorcycle covered in straw that would ahve started first kick after so many years – but you didn’t – pity.

    • Hi Nikos,

      Treasure found so far….2 large old harpoons, 1 wooden spinning wheel,1 very old cast iron Singer sewing machine and table,1 ornate cast iron wood burner, 1 very old wood plane Noah used on the Ark….But no 1942 bmw…YET!!!!



  2. Harpoons,as in Moby Dick??

    • Hi Stan,

      Yes harpoon as in Moby Dick….I dont understand it either, all I can think is the local fishing lake must have some bloody big fish lol…ıts made of old iron and wood about 4 feet long, gonna hang it on my dungeon wall.



  3. Keep looking!

    Mrs Nikos reminds me that my Greek Grandmother was Bulgarian! We’ll be over soon to buy the next door farm…

    I had to laugh seeing 6 men moving a stove. When I cleared out my place in Athens there was an old Russian made fridge – it weighed close on to 500kg and I dropped it down the stairs, upsetting my neighbour below who thought that a bomb had just landed.

    keep smilling, Mrs and Mr N

    • Hi Nikos,

      Its amazing just how much the old metal stuff weighs…spent today restoring an old ornate wood burner, it really looks good now as if it came straight from the shop 50 years ago, then I went and did my back in moving the bloody thing back inside the house after spray painting it outside lol.



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