The best laid plans of mice and men often go array….This quote applies to me now, because of higher than normal demand this summer for company formations I still don’t have my paperwork so I cant buy a car here. The solution offered up by Damiano is to find a friendly car dealer who will let me buy a car on trade/transit plates, I can then drive around Bulgaria while I wait for my company paperwork to arrive, renovating a house with no transport is very difficult!!

Anna came to pick us up and then we headed off to Veliko Tarnovo (VT) to look at cars/vans, because I’m renovating I don’t want anything small or good, this car or van will be a workhorse for at least a year, but it has to be good enough to drive to Turkey and England to collect all our belongings.

After a brief search we came upon EUROCAR in VT, they import cars from Europe (Much better condition than Bulgarian cars) slightly more money but worth it, the local roads in Bulgaria can be in shocking condition, they would frighten anyone who drove around Baghdad during the bombing!!

With a combination of advice from people here and my requirements, I chose an Opel Astra estate (Very common car here and the parts are cheap) There were plenty to choose from but for some strange reason I opted for the Sport version, I’m a slow driver so a Sport version of anything is waisted on me, but I liked the wide tyres!!


The car needed an MOT plus a number plate, so we went off with Anna for some lunch.

About an hour later the plates were ready and we drove home, upon our return our other neighbour Neon gave us a puppy, we named him Tiger and he will be our fierce guard dog…Well in several months perhaps!!




~ by travelswithmymotorbike on August 27, 2010.


  1. Aahh…He’s soooo cute…the dog not the car lol.

  2. Really, the company just let you use their trade plates, cant think of many UK car dealers who would be that helpful.

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