Last night the village welcoming committee popped their heads over the wall to welcome us here, they were headed by Victor and Marie, two Americans on holiday (They speak English and Bulgarian) in the house opposite ours. Our neighbours have been fantastic here, every day we have received bowls of fruit and vegetables from them, last night we spent the evening at Victors house chatting the night away.

Today its the installation of a sewerage system and an inside toilet, a Western creature comfort that we simply can’t be without!!

Meanwhile Linda is demolishing another wooden shed/outbuilding type thing that we don’t have any use for, myself being one of  Mother Natures natural supervisors am flitting between both jobs.

The wood we will chop up later for winter firewood.

The quickest way to make money on property for investors  in Bulgaria is to install one of these….

This is a temporary bathroom untill I decide exactly what walls are coming down where and how the house is going to be laid out.

~ by travelswithmymotorbike on August 25, 2010.

3 Responses to “PIPE DREAMS”

  1. Notice the green walls in the toilet have gone, I painted it all white, the house is VERY green and has thousands of nails in everything!!

  2. Its very good you could get everything organised and installed so quickly.


    • Hi James,

      Yes, one of the good things about Bulgaria is the cheap labour, general workers are only 15 lev ( 6.50 POUNDS) a day and a skilled man like a plumber,electrician,brikie etc is 50 lev (” Pounds) per day!!



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