Stayed at a very nice hotel in Shumen, about 25 Pounds per night with excellent food and cheap. The Shumen office of BULGARIADIRECT is where we are today, a farm-house in the VT region had just come on the market and the owner wanted 9K….I haggled for 7.5K but we settled at 8K. A short drive back to Veliko Turnovo (VT) region to look the place over and the deal was made.

Shortly before leaving the hotel in Shumen my trusty old camera came back to life, like an old friend not seen for some time we just carried on our relationship.

The farm house was in the village of Maslarevo, the area kinda looks like the Yorkshire Wolds but 10 degrees warmer, anyway the next thing to do was the paperwork for the property, we headed to the VT office.

Nadia and Anna took care of us during the paperwork stage, they had prepared a stack of papers to be signed in the Notary office, all quite painless, took about 30 minutes to complete all the formalities. BULGARIADIRECT had a special offer on during August of free company paperwork and free accounts or something (I will get to know my paperwork later) I just paid 300 Euros for the Notary, I think!!

Money transfer between UK and Bulgaria was very fast, only 24 hours, it really makes a difference when transferring funds between EU and non EU counties, the company formation paperwork has also changed this year (2010) you no longer have to deposit large amounts of money in a bank account in Bulgaria. Meanwhile Anna booked us into a hotel to wait while the money and paperwork got sorted out for the farm house, the hotel was new and we were the only guests, the owner just gave us the keys to the hotel and left!!

We were stuck in the hotel for nearly a week waiting to take delivery of the farm house, it was nice to have it all to ourselves and it only cost me 50 Pounds for the week.

I cant remember the name of the hotel or even where it was, but we had a nice stay and I enjoyed watching TV and catching up with the news.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on August 18, 2010.

4 Responses to “IT LIVES!!”

  1. Dont write so fast, I only get so much free time at work lol

    With the changes to the visa and co. formation do you think demand for property has picked up out there?

    • Hi James,

      Being new here I dont know much myself but people who have been here longer say yes demand has ticked up this year and more ex-pats have come here to live full time.



  2. Dont listen to him, write lots so I have someyhing to read at work ha,ha

    • Hi Stan,

      If only you and James could work at the same place and on the same shift lol…



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