Next day we were collected in the car that appears in almost all BULGARIADIRECTS photos for their properties for sale  adverts on EBAY, for the drive up to Montana and Vidin. I’m writing this post backdated so I don’t remember exactly where we went.

Stan was our driver for today, as with Arron and Damiano we bombarded the poor chap with question after question about living in Bulgaria.

We just stopped for a quick bite to eat at a petrol station, the OMV petrol stations in Bulgaria are by far the best with nice food at quite reasonable prices.

Very beautiful countryside up in Montana and the huge Danube river is really something to see, but unfortunately this is where my old bike camera chose to die for a few days….My camera has now travelled well over 50,000KM mostly bouncing around on motorbikes, give it a nice comfortable car ride and it dies!!

I’ve forgotten now  exactly where the house was that we bought, anyway it wasn’t suitable so we asked if we could look at some others they have for sale…”No problem” came the reply, so we headed back to VT and Shumen or was it Shumen then VT, driving around looking at house after house in different towns and villages the days and houses just blur into a foggy memory without photos.

~ by travelswithmymotorbike on August 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “ON THE ROAD”

  1. That camera of yours has died a few times over the years,time for a new one??

    • Well remembered, I did buy a new camera some months ago but I dont like it, its not as fast and convenient as temperamental old faithful.



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