OK, so bought a house without seeing it, off the internet for Gods sake and then booked a flight to a country I’ve never been to before…..Stupid springs to mind!! We flew from Dalaman to Istanbul, we were then met by a driver to pick us up and take us  to the Turkish/Bulgarian border.

There is no longer any visa requirements for persons holding an EU passport, just waive the passport and walk through, no stamps, no visa, nothing!!

We were met at the border by Damiano and Anna from INVESTMENT LINK LTD. the sister company of BULGARIADIRECT in the UK. Damiano asked us if we wanted to be whisked straight away to the house we bought or did we want to see Bulgaria and stay for a night in the old capital Veliko Turnovo (VT). We thought a drive around would be nice and chose that option.

The roads near the border are just bloody awful, but after about 20 minutes we were then driving on nice roads carving their way through some beautiful countryside. One of the things I wanted to see was road signs, (I know, I should get out more) they use this funny looking Russian writing in Bulgaria and I wondered if it would be difficult to navigate ones way around, thankfully on all the highways and main roads the road signs are in English too.

We stopped somewhere for lunch, Yambol or someplace, Damiano asked us what we would like to eat, ”PORK” we said…”Anything piggy”…..After 6 years in a Muslim country you really do miss these things!!

It was about a 4 hour leisurely drive from the border to VT where Damiano then asked us if we wanted to be dropped off at the guest house they had arranged for us or did we want a quick tour of VT, again we chose a drive around, we parked for a while by the old castle in VT, which is quite impressive.

Cases unloaded and into our city centre guest house for the night.

The time now is early evening, since the guest house is in the heart of the old city, we though a stroll around VT would be good, you can tell a lot about a country by looking in shop windows and just observing people as they wander by.

So far Bulgaria was better than we had been led to believe, modern fashionable clothes, gadgets, ellectricals and shops, the people were dressed in the evening as one would find in Italy or France, pavement cafes, nicely dressed women walking hand in hand with husbands, all very European!!…..And not all impoverished as one reads on the internet.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on August 16, 2010.


  1. Hi dave, I clicked on the bulgaria direct link wow can you really buy a house for a couple of grand, my bloody mortgage is killing me here, now I see why you have moved there.

    • Hi Owen,

      Yep you really can buy cheap houses here, just depends how much work you want to do and how good you are with a sledge hammer and paint brush lol.



  2. Is there any other brits near you or are you alone surrounded by funny russian writing.

    • In my village Maslarevo, there are 4 foreign owners I’m told, I met one nice English couple and on the 16 my Norwegian neighbour comes out, in the next village Strahilovo (5 mins drive) there are 5 foreign owners, met some of them also, in town Trambesh (15 min drive) there are a fair few there.



  3. OWEN

    Its true, my mate at work bought a place out there to retire, think he paid less than 2000 for a 3 bedroom place but that was about two years ago.

  4. No visas anymore for Bulgaria, when did that change??

    • Hi james,

      No visas anymore, 2010 this year that changed….before it was a D visa to stay here but all finished with now, its just like going to France,Spain or Wales.

      The company setup you have to have has changed this year also, you no longer need to deposit a wedge of money in a bank.



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