Well, we’ve all heard (Met some too) the horror stories of what can happen to unwary Brits buying houses in Spain,Turkey and Bulgaria. We did not wish to fall victim to dodgy agents and that held us back for some time, but then Ian (A friend also interested in moving to Bulgaria) said ”Check these guys out,” so we did!!

We researched the company and directors for over a week and were more than happy with the results, the internet is the best research tool for people and companies, people who don’t use it make lots of expensive blunders when buying property abroad. Anyway, the company is called BULGARIADIRECT and operate on EBAY in the UK, I know…..Mad is’nt it, who buys a house off the internet….Well lots of people do actually!!

Now one of the good things about EBAY is buyer feed back, you can check out this company going back 6 years and they have a 98.5% satisfaction rating from all the 670 previous property buyers, very comforting!! We also researched the ex-pat forums, the biggest for Bulgaria is called MYBULGARIA, like all online forums it’s a bitch fest and the place to find the low down aswell as useful information.

In the UK they operate as BULGARIADIRECT and in Bulgaria they operate as INVESTMENT LINK, probably a tax thing, anyway I phoned the company in UK and spoke to Arron the chap who set up the company almost 7 years ago, asked him about 480,000 questions about living in Bulgaria, all of which he new the answers too!!

Satisfied my money was safe, I bought a house on one of their auctions for 4K, booked the plane tickets to Istanbul where the company were to collect us and take us to Bulgaria.

The adventure begins……


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on August 15, 2010.

10 Responses to “MOVING TO BULGARIA”

  1. Very interesting Dave, I know people in the office who talk of buying in Bulgaria…Shall watch with interest.


    • Hi James,

      Yeah when I was researching Bulgaria it was difficult to find up to date reliable info, so good or bad I shall record all events here as usual.



  2. Uncle Davie:

    you actually sound like your OLD self. Glad you found a spot to hang your hat.

    Travels around Bulgaria on 4 wheels has a certain RING to it.

    seems like you got excellent value. Selling your Transalp for a Farm, sort of

    Wet Coast Scootin

    • Hi Uncle Bob,

      The Transalp was priceless, 12 countries 30k (Sigh)…….When I finish a chunk of renovation I might just treat myself to one of these classic old commie bikes that are knocking around here, as a temporary fix until I have spare time again…….However the Mrs wants me to buy an old wooden hay cart…Travels in an old Gypsy cart around village does not have a RING to it lol..



  3. 670 houses is a lot of houses, bet the halifax would love those statistics at the moment lol

    • Hi Owen,

      The 670 is just the internet sales, they flog houses in the usual way also from their offices, someone told me they have sold over a thousand all together.



  4. Go for the horse and cart lol…Glad your back buddy enjoy reading your blog.

  5. Transalp to a horse and cart lol

  6. Uncle Davie:

    get the cart before you end up walking

    Wet Coast Scootin

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