Shameless pilfering from Bob Dylan, but a very appropriate title for the last post from Turkey….The political climate in Turkey has shifted very much towards the Islamic and away from Western  and EU ideals for the past 2 years, but 2010 has seen some very swift and unwelcome changes for Turkeys foreign residence, and sadly its all happened before in Turkey, the 70’s and 80’s, also the 90’s!!

I wont go into detail here, it would take too long and I simply cant be bothered, but regular readers will know of all the creeping changes that have taken place….So like many other ex-pats currently living in Turkey, after living here for 6 years, I have also decided to abandon the sinking ship early, no sense at all in waiting for the last lifeboat!!

New countries on the list to explore were Greece, Spain and Bulgaria….Bulgaria won on the grounds of value for money, property is really cheap to buy here and with a tiny 6.5 million population, theres plenty of space. In upcoming posts I will detail the day by day events of moving to Bulgaria.



~ by travelswithmymotorbike on August 14, 2010.


  1. Ahh so thats what youve been up to, thought you were away a long time. New you would go to Bulgaria my mate has no regrets so far

    • Hi Stan,

      Yep, thus far all is going well…..Not fast enough for Linda,but thats renovation, just a time thing, let me know where your friend is living.



  2. Hello,
    This is no response to our blog, but something else and more pleasant. I also came a lot of times and years/months to Turkye and lived in Dalyan some houses away from this place where a bikemuseum is. Mostly rare old BMW’s all from Turkye. The owner has nearly all types but not directly roadable.
    The address you can find on: but call him first.
    All the best
    Rene (Holland)

    • Hi Rene,

      Not herd from you for a while, hows life in Holland? Think I did go to the bike museum in Dalyan, not sure but thanks for the link.



  3. It’s good now that you can show pictures of Linda without that black haed gear on!

    • Hi Nikos,

      LOL…The black head gear with the built in gag was he best one lol….



  4. missed you mate…you’re my favourite reading at work lol…Soooo Bulgaria is it!!…Best of luck to you and the Mrs.


  5. ıts getting expensive in turkey according to my friends who holiday there most years, glad your back even if thers no bike lol

    • Hi Owen,

      Your not kidding, 2 weeks ago when I drove back to Turkey to collect our stuff, 2 friends told me 1kg of minced beef was now 30 lira (12 quid) here in Bulgaria its 4.5 lira (1.90 pounds)

      Bike will come….Just wait till I finish bashing this house!!



  6. Hello Dave,
    You have a good memory/my compliments !
    I was very astonished to see you moving away from Turkye, but I understand. The house I stayed in Dalyan is now for sale. It will take a lot of time to sell,I think. I dont’know if your fellow countrymen are doing the same, and movve out.
    Why we: different reasons,but not quite unexpected when you can read between the lines in the press.
    Bulgarya is quite another place , cheap OK but not the easy life as in Turkye with wonderful beaches, good food, nice temperature and so on. Why not Yoegoslavya ? Same beach, same temperature, very nice people. I worked there in a factory (as a automotive student)a long time ago. Or Greece ? Property prices will go down now.
    This year I had a short stay there for 6 weeks and was immobilized for 3 weeks because I jumped(big jump) on the shore in bamboo and got hurt badly. It took them a while to find 10 cm of bamboo left in my -then very big- leg.The hospital in Ortaca (very good place)found it.Thx professor !
    So my plans for a motorcycling went down the drain and I went home very quickly. But I had some time to make a website page for the bike museum.
    I play tennis as before now but am quite unhappy with the the lousy whether here in Holland.
    When are you leaving ?

    As for ownership of property: you know how it can be fixed over there in T.
    May I have your private mail address…

    Enjoy you time

    • Hi Rene,

      Yes plenty of fellow Brits are leaving Turkey this year…..The party is over!!

      I have been in Turkey 6 years, the first 4 were good, but with all the high tax now for foriegners, plus many other new problems there, when you go on holiday to a country you dont experience the real daily life, when you live there only then can you understand, its a shame because we have some good friends there.

      My plans for motorcycling are on hold too, I have to renovate the Bulgarian house first lol…my e-mail is



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