The keen observers amongst you may have noticed the title change the other day, since the Transalp has now gone, I have to decide what to do with this Transalp specific blog….do I :-

a) Cancel the blog, and just leave it to wither and die on the internet.

b) Start a brand new blog.

c) Change the title to something more general and carry on polluting cyberspace with my ramblings.

Off course it has to be (c) Change the title and carry on regardless, so I’ve dropped the Transalp from the title and replaced it with motorbike, you can’t get more general than that!! Also as this is now a general motorbike blog I thought I should include photos and write ups from bike trips previous to the Transalps arrival two years ago.

So as soon as I upload hundreds¬† (tomorrow most likely) of photos, I shall start with probably 2006, we never had digital cameras prior to that year and scanned photos don’t look that good really.

Wild Hogs!!

~ by travelswithmymotorbike on April 17, 2010.

12 Responses to “A CHANGE OF PACE….”

  1. Looking forward to your new old trips lol

    • Hi Owen,

      I’ve started re-living some of the old trips in my mind already lol…..wish we had taken more photos back then but blogging wasn’t even a twinkle in my eye until 2007.



  2. Dave:

    that doesn’t look like Linda, nor do the shoes, and where is Pinky ?

    the only thing that hasn’t changed is that you still looked like JAMES BOND, even back then

    can’t wait for you incoherant mumblings . . .

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • Hi Bob,

      Its not Linda….You’ll have to wait and see who is the mystery BOND GIRL lol……Incoherant mumblings included in every post!!!

      ”Pinky” (Barbie) didn’t arrive on the scene until 07 or 08…before ”Pinky” was ”Scabby” and ”Little red”



  3. You’re just going to have to grow old gracefully and bow out… a pedestrian shuffling off life’s mortal coil… or relive past glories…

    I wondered what you were going to do once the Transalp went. A sad day.

    • Hi MD,

      ”Bow out”………I dont think so!!!….I almost walked into a showroom today to buy another cheap Chinese bike, you would be amazed where I took my past Chinese bikes lol..Unfortunately no photos to prove it, but so long as you carry a bag of nuts and bolts with you, plus a full tool kit, you can take these cheap Chinese bikes anywhere lol….



  4. Riding around with Bond Girls….your living the life buddy!!

    • Hi James,

      Yeah, cheap Chinese bikes and pretty girls…Turkey is where its at!!!



  5. So your not saying who the mystery woman is…..

  6. ”Scabby”…do tell??

    • Hi Stan,

      ”Scabby” the 125cc silver scooter had a paint problem…The paint would not stay on lol…it kept falling off in flakes and patches, kinda like scabs do on wounds lol.



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