Finally, after 3 days of paperwork we got there…..The bike is sold, we said good bye!!

The final round of paperwork to exchange title ownership only took 2 hours, then Ahmed (The new owner) packed all his gear up on her.

Theo moved Montie out of the way to ease Ahmed’s take off.

I now have no bike, Theo kindly offered me the use of his scooter.

But, I think I’ll stay with Montie…….

……Well for the time being!!

~ by travelswithmymotorbike on April 6, 2010.

32 Responses to “BYE BYE BABY…….”

  1. Dave:

    It’s soooo saaaaaad to see the old gal go. You could borrow the scooter so Linda will have something to ride when you are away on Montie.

    In the first Pix it seems that Linda is really hugging your old bike not wanting to let go.

    I think you can take over the other Blog, Me and Montie and Linda could start a new one . . .

    Linda and My borrowed scooter

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    ps: should have kept Pinky, Now we will have nothing to ride

    • Hi bob,

      That scooter is only 2 years old…its kinda been in the wars a bit, you should have seen it before Theo fixed it up!!!

      I’m thinking up new titles as we speak Bob lol



    • Barbie not pinky tut tut Bob keep up with the bike names lol

  2. Bob,
    I think you are skating on thin ice………..MONTIE IS LINDAS BIKE!!!!!!!!

    • Hmmm….Linda’s bike but my petrol lol…….we can work something out!!!



  3. Errr I WAS HUGGİNG the bike Bob didn’t want her to go 😦
    And Thankyou Bev glad you pointed that out to Bob, I shall not take the bite I’m far too grown up for that, now where’s my mummy!!!

  4. Auntie Bev:

    I was trying to provoke Linda, but she’s too smart.

    and speaking about ICE, I didn’t know you had skating rinks over there. I thought it was a hot and humid country.

    With all these money grab changes going on when you get there and Ian has to purchase a scooter and ride with Dave on his scooter, Linda will have the bike with the largest engine. Funny how things work out

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • Hi Bob,

      Yeah we could start our own 49cc club………Call it The Turkish forty Niners lol…

  5. Hi Dave,
    what can I say, just good bye…


    • Hi Baris,

      I wish you could have bought her, nobody takes care of bikes better than you…



  6. Aaaw its all so sad, are you going to think about another bike or not?

    • Hi Donna,

      I’m going to wait and see what unfolds here, its all a little risky. I measure ”My Risk” as a direct proportion of my money exposed….So when the government put 40% tax on our properties, I sold and have been sooooo thankful that I did ever since, I could buy that (I won’t) villa back now for 30% less. Now they are starting on our vehicles, so I’ve got rid of the high value one…Now I have barley a bean in Turkey, equals no risk!!



      • Dave

        40% tax on property? What’s this – capital gains tax?

        Sounds a bit steep to me!


        • Hi Nikos,

          Yes CGT, it came in early 2007 or was it late 2006 (Cant remember) for just foreign owned property, its been the biggest killer of the property market here, even before the effects of the Global recession which have been quite mild here. Another factor has been the Pounds decline the past year coupled with very high price rises of almost everything in Turkey. It sounds a bit steep to everyone Nikos lol…



  7. A sad day. And a scooter… what a comedown. But what’s Linda going to use if you have Montie?

    • Hi John,

      Well she could use a little more exercise walking in to town lol………Mick is selling his 650 Dragstar cheap as well, but I dont even want to commit 5000L here any more, so I’m not going to buy it. Perhaps another Montie, they are only 3000 new or a scooter for Linda, or perhaps neither, I dont know at the moment!!



  8. God, I go away on holiday for a few days and the bikes suddenly gone and so quickly!!!!

    A lot of us will miss the ”Old girl” anyway onwards and upwards,whats happening next??


    • Hi james,

      Yes she went to the very first of our 9 callers, a good bike at a good price.

      I think its more ”Onwards and DOWNWARDS” for a good while, I need more Brits to have accidents and see if the insurance companies are going to pay the claims before I could ever think of a real bike again here…very expensive to fix here!!!



  9. his and hers Monties one each??????

  10. James:

    it’s all my fault. I merely mentioned that I was thinking of visiting Turkey and look what happened. They sell all the bikes and move away with no forwarding address.

    I don’t think I get the hint yet . . .

    I should have got the hint when they sold PINKY (err, I mean Barbie)

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • LOL.. ..It wasn’t you, it was your pink shoes!!!….Linda actually still misses Barbie sometimes…



  11. Dave:

    I’m in Dave withdrawal MODE. How about . . .

    Bikeless and dreaming about riding around Turkey, etc

    Wet Coast Scootin

    • Hi Uncle Bob,

      I’ve been in mourning and getting used to riding Montie……because my eyes are almost 3 feet lower (Yes, 3 feet lower) on Montie than my Transalp, I feel blind lol, its a very weird feeling lol, but I’m getting used to being so low now…..

      I’ve been fidling with the starter motor cables this week, the Bendix seems to be engaging better now, but I feel it could be starter motor off and have a look see, maybe just a clean or hit the solenoid with a big hammer lol. The starter motor was not engaging the flywheel most of the time to start the engine, but its getting a bit better now, only misses half the time now.

      Soon as the weather turns nice again I’ll spend a day going over the bike, got to buy some Montie tools first though!!!


      Dave (In Mourning)

  12. Dave:

    Whilst riding, make sure to wear those Linda Style running shoes that Montie prefers.

    I haven’t linked the following video yet. Took me over 4 hours to edit and get onto Youtube

    Wet Coast Scootin

    • …You know……I actually saw a chap wearing red ones of those boots only last week, and I thought…”Hmm got to find me a pair of them.” The red boots would contrast well against the black paint and chrome….

  13. Davie:

    1) the clicking sound on the video is the mount rattling. I need to jam some rubber bands between the two slides

    2) go for PINK crocs, and join the club

    3) I used to have a couple of MGB’s way back . . .

    Wet Coast Scootin

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