Took some quick photos today for the bikes advert on the internet.

I’m selling her complete with all the extras  for 10,500 which is 1,500 under value, so should generate some enquiries quickly.

Theo kindly made an advert for me in Turkish.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on April 1, 2010.

22 Responses to “FOR SALE PHOTOS”

  1. awww – bye bye Tranny……….

    Have you seen how the description translates – hahaha – Theo’s made her into a “he” 😦

    • Hi Antie Bev,

      Theo’s had to suspend the advert from the live website (Old add still working on my blog) 6 firm offers in 1 hour, he’s not even bothered to look at all the e-mails that have come in lol…The old Girl is still working well for me..sniff,sniff wobbly lip…



  2. Dave:

    slowly it’s sinking in. Is Montie OK because you bought her/him in Turkey. Is it not possible to sell it to a resident and just borrow it once in a while (or all the time)? I’m wondering what this means to Auntie Bev and Uncle Ian. Are they still going to Turkey ?

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • Hi Bob,

      Monties a little upset his big sister is going but I’ll take Montie off-road sometimes to make him feel better!!

      Not possible now to borrow anymore, you can only now borrow between husband/wife/kids that got changed also under these new Zimbabwe type laws, if you dont have residency you cant sell/buy it…period…does not matter if the buyer is Turkish or a Brit with residency.

      I’m keeping Montie because its a low value bike, it reduces my risk of financial loss IF confiscation by the police in the future should arise. As things stand at the moment under the ”You own it but cant own” law your insurance appears to be invalid according to the first person to have an accident under the new law.

      It’s just all about reducing future risk Bob….better safe than financially very sorry. I refuse to pay the additional 2000 lira blackmail money to have no problems, next year it could be 3000 or 4000 whos to know!!!



  3. Yes Bob, they’re still going – apparently cos we’ve never had residency we can still take a vehicle in for 6 months – see what happens after that. If need be Ian would have to get residency to buy a bike and me keep “ferrying” across to Greece! (I think thats allowed – Dave will tell us if not)

    Chin up Dave – British spirit and all that crap!!!!

    • Hi Antie Bev,

      Yes, you’ve not had residency so you can bring a vehicle in for 6 months, and yes Ian can get residency and buy a bike for himself only, with you going back and forth to Greece…or are you just going to Greece for the day to get away from Ian LOL

      The other part about if you have residency or had residency there appears to be some muddy water now on bring a vehicle in for 6 month or taking your Turkish vehicle out for a trip etc…I cant find any clear answeres, some say its how it was before and some say its changed also….”This is Turkey”, as we all say with a shrug of the shoulders lol.



  4. ”I’ll take Montie off-road sometimes to make him feel better!!”
    ”I’m keeping Montie because its a low value bike”
    Errr Beloved you seem to be forgetting montie is MY BIKE!!!!!
    Shall let you off this time as you are clearly not thinking straight!!

    • Hmmm….think about how you might manage if your petrol budget gets cut to zero lol.

  5. So are you really sure that you have title to your property? My family has already lost a lot of property to the Turks but that’s because we were a Christian family!

    • Hi Nikos,

      Iffy property titles is a problem here still in some areas, due to a lack of legal enforcement on the wrong doers plus a little corruption thrown in for good measure…..I RENT!!!! At the moment I have clear absolute title on the bike, when my current visa expires it then gets a little unclear, hence sell now and have no future worries.



  6. dave:

    I’m stupid. You are a resident but you have to sell your bike. Ian can buy a bike when he becomes a resident, so that is okay ? Will Ian then have a problem after he owns the bike for over 6 months, or until his visa expires ?

    time to take up long distance bicycling, around Turkey . . .

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • Hi Bob,

      Yes Linda and I are residence but when the visa expires I have to pay 2000 to renew, because they have jacked up the visa fee so high they have taken away our rights to pressure us in to paying the new high fee…pay and you get your rights back….I’M not going to pay = problems down the road, hence sell now and reduce my risks going forward!!

      Ian will get either a 6 or 12 month residency visa so he can buy a vehicle of some sort when he arrives, then he will let his visa lapse and do visa runs, Bev will not get a residence visa as she does not want a vehicle of her own and she will just do the 90 day visa run to a Greek Island like the rest of us will do.

      When Ian wants to sell his vehicle in the future he will then have to pay the residency fee again…It all depends what Ians plans are, if he just wants a cheap run about for town or if he wants to go off touring. Turkey is very mountainous he would need a real bike for that, which costs twice the money in Turkey (due to 100% import tax) than in the outside World. Insurance has come up as an issue because of the first accident under these new laws, the insurance company are saying they dont have to cover you even though you’ve paid for the insurance….its probably going to take a court case to clear the mess up one way or the other…only then will we know how we all stand.

      This probably all sounds daft to you living in a modern Western Country Bob, but believe me when it comes to stupid half thought through laws Turkey is a World leader, its normal here….if enough people kick up a fuss then the new law will be softened or rolled back, if nobody makes a fuss then next year it will be even harsher, perhaps 3000…Theres just now way to know!!!

      So getting back to Ian, if he buys an expensive bike here and then after his visa expires he could find out hes not insured in an accident, Turkey is pay to be sick the same as America, the bill can be huuuuge!!!! Parts for damaged bikes and cars are expensive when they are imported in, So its for Ian to decide what level of risk he wants….Me, I wouldn’t buy anything fast or expensive untill this insurance debate is settled in a cast iron way.

      Also the same law/laws is/are interpreted differently in different municipalities in different parts of the country…Which makes it different and not the same everywhere!!

      Only people who live in Turkey can understand the madness lol….If I’ve left anything out let me know, only too happy to explain.



  7. Thailand, Egypt, Zimbabwe they all thought they could bleed their foreign residence forever, look at them now!!!

    For what its worth mate, I think its always best to be prepared and you’ve done the right thing, even though its been hard for you, if they change the law back to how it was then I’m sure there’s another ”OLD GIRL” out there, if things get worse in Turkey then you’ll thank your lucky stars every day that you got rid when you did!!!!!

    All the best….

    • Hi James,

      Thanks for that…and your right, I nearly went to Thailand instead of Turkey 5 years ago….and thank my lucky stars I didn’t, so many people there lost everything. Also I nearly bought a large Hyundai van this winter to go traveling in, now I thank my lucky stars again that I didn’t, that gut feeling is always right lol



  8. F%&k em…Bulgaria mate

    Travels with my motorbike around Bulgaria,Romania and Hungary

    It makes for a nice title lol


    • Hi Stan,

      True, it makes a nice title but I dont know much about any those countries…Well, not yet lol



  9. The partnership we have with our bikes is something rather special, so we do get rather sentimental when we have to let one go, I suppose only a fellow biker would properly understand, Thankyou for all the nice comments made from not only bikers but bike lovers. x

  10. Hi Dave,
    When I heard from Teo, I couldn’t believe. it’s really sad day. If I have money I keep that bike too. it’s really good bike.
    Are you giving radios and headset together, ıf you don’t keep them for us.
    Don’t worry ıf you want you can seat on my AT. Just a seat :))

    • Hi Baris,

      The man today he saw the radios…I’m not sure if he will come back next week, we couldn’t do the sale. We had 6.5 hours of paperwork problems and he had a bank problem they would not give him his own money for nearly 2 hours… much time lost today for silly,silly,silly things…This is Turkey lol.

      If I put the bike for sale again next week, then I will separate the radios and sell them to you. Theo and I are starting silly paperwork again Monday morning lol……..



  11. She sure cleaned up well, beautiful advertising photos Dave, I dont think you will any trouble getting interest in your bike…Shame she has to go though!!

    • Hi Donna,

      It is how it is, its a Turkish thing I’m afraid but yes she really polished up well after the winter rain and mud.



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