Having  tried  to buy a Handlebar bag here in Turkey for several months without success, ordering one from abroad and have it posted here is not an option because of sticky fingered Customs officers…….the only option, make one!!

Walking around the local market yesterday, I came across a Bag/Belt/Leather stall, the chap had   quite a variety of ”Bum bags” (Fanny bags they call them in America) and ”Man bags.” Not being either Gay or trendy I ignored the ”Man bags” and explained to the stall holder in my very bad Turkish that I needed to walk off with some ”Bum bags” to try them on my motorbike, I left him Linda as collateral.

Two of the ”Bum bags” were a perfect fit on the handlebar brace, one made of leather, the other made of canvas. I decided to blow this years holiday budget and pay the extra 1 Pound (1.5 USD) for the leather bag.

The leather bag cost me 4 Pounds (6 USD) my cunning plan was to remove the strap and cut it up to make 3 or 4 small velcro straps to secure the bag to the handlebars. I tried to use Superglue to attach the Velcro to the small straps, but it didn’t work, nor did stapling……Damn, have to sew it properly instead!!

I will have you know that I actually sewed one whole piece of Velcro myself, after Linda threaded the needle for me, being a good wife she took pity on me and took over the rest of the sewing.

Three Velcro straps were made all together, two near the top of the bag that will correspond to the handlebar brace, and one strap at the bottom of the bag that will wrap around the base of the handlebar, plus two cable ties for luck.

The finished article, all done and tested today, I now have two cameras in the bag ready to hand whilst riding along, one still camera, and one video. There’s still room in the bag for batteries, fags and coins.

On the left side of the bag is a pouch for a mobile phone, my two-way radio fits in there perfectly.

~ by travelswithmymotorbike on March 19, 2010.


  1. Uncle Davie:

    You mean Linda’s only worth 4 GBP ? If I were selling ‘BUM’ bags I think I would have just done the trade

    and forget the fags, what happened to your will power ?

    and what happened to Vlog #3 Mr Vlogger

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • Hi Uncle Bob,

      Obviously the bag seller didn’t think it was a good deal LOL……….Vlog 3….Err think its an age thing, yesterday I had to get some more welding done, the pannier rack fractured after 2 years of bouncing over potholes. ıt was so cold yesterday (22c) that I changed jackets before going out ……and forgot my camera!!

      I hardly smoke anything now, barely a packet a day, I make the effort every day not to go back to two packs a day, the tons of fat I gained whilst not smoking is finaly starting to go, must be my inner Bond 🙂



  2. Does Linda really need instructions from the internet on how to sew………..or can she not turn off her laptop! hahahaha – just blown it up – she’s on Facebook!!!! Quelle surprise 🙂

    • Hi Auntie Bev,

      Those crops on Farmville don’t harvest themselves you know lol.



  3. Bob I was actually only worth 3 pounds, went up to 4 cause Dave decided on the leather, so I should be flattered!!!

  4. My son uses one of those MAN BAGS….its just not right somehow lol


    • Hi Stan,

      Yeah, know what you mean…….Now Bermuda shorts and Hawian shirts, I’m your man…Guess I am trendy after all lol.



  5. Bev..”or can she not turn off her laptop!” So your meant to turn it off!!!!

  6. If I’d left my wife as collateral for 4 quid….I would never have come back LOL LOL LOL

  7. Where can I find this market stall, I’d happily give him a tenner to take my wife away!!!

    • Hi Rob,

      You’ve given me a brilliant idea….I could run tours from UK, charge 50 Quid a time to take the Mrs. off your hands….Wonder if it would be popular lol….

  8. Funny post, thanks for sharing.


    P.S. Let me know where to send the 50 Pounds lol.

  9. MEN!!!! *sigh*

  10. Linda:

    yep, can’t live without them . . .

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

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