Part 4 of the never ending 2009 Motorcycle Touring Highlights.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on December 30, 2009.

15 Responses to “2009 MOTORCYCLE TOURING HIGHLIGHTS (Pt.4)”

  1. Dave:

    excellent video as always. I loved the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Did you stand under the leaning side ? Vimeo is very clear

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • Hi Bob,

      Yes we walked all around the tower, very strange sensation, from some angles you cant believe your eyes that its still standing after all this time, it has been closed to the public for quite a few years, but now they have stabilized it again, we are free to explore it!!



  2. Yes, no sign of Ewan McGregor on this one either, although there was a BMW R1150GS in evidence….

  3. Simply enchanting…I see a womans work is never done!!!!…Your poor wife is still up to her elbows in laundry lol.

    • Hi Donna,

      The Laundry was HER idea, I’m a bloke….I dont care how badly I smell after a few weeks on the road lol



  4. Good one mate….having a little trouble focusing today, didnt get to bed till gone 4am..never again lol

    • Hi Owen,

      Yes a lot of people seam to have picked up some kind of bug last night….Everyone mentions feeling sick and banging headaches, must be the New Year Flu!!



  5. Great video! I would love to take my motorcycle to Europe someday. More about motorcycle touring is at http://www.sightseeingreview.com/motorcycletouring.php

  6. Aahh…this takes me back to the good old days when my mrs and I toured around Italy on my old BSA…thanks for the trip down memory lane.


    • Hi Stan,

      I’m reminiscing already, and its only been 6 months since the ride around Europe!!



  7. Nice presentation! Lucca brought back my memory of renting a 125cc Honda scoot to ride to Pontederra and visit the Vespa Museum.

    I’m curious … I assume you own the bike you’re riding. Where is “home” for you when not on the road?

    More adventures planned for 2010?


    • Hi Chuck,

      Home (At the moment) is Turkey, down on the Med. coat, I’m another Brit fleeing from the cold weather and high taxes of England lol. I have been here about 5 years, the bike is mine, she’s the third since I’ve been here and the best by far, I love the old Vespa’s, next time I pass through Italy I shall have try to find a scooter museum.

      So far we are planning a trip with the wives (Expensive) around Greece for a week or so in May, then a men only(Cheap) trip to Europe probably Eastern Europe not sure yet for a couple of weeks, July or August, plus some more Turkey places not yet been to in the East, Cappadocia for one, and some others I forget the name off. Syria and Jordan are still on my wish list though!!

      We also plan in the next couple of weeks to try and find some snow, we have failed every year so far, but undeturred we are mounting another foolish expedition to take our bikes up the tallest mountain we can find…and ride in some snow, this year we actually have a plan!!



  8. All the best of europe on this trip, wish I could get this amount of time off work.

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