This post continues on from: ON THE TRAIL OF SANTA CLAUS (Part 1) The purpose of today’s ride was three-fold, firstly to find the second burial place of Saint Nicholas (Father Christmas) in Myra, and secondly to calm Thoe’s nerves after his recent bike accident, third was to test our new bike to bike radios at long last!!

After his death in 347 AD (St. Nicholas Born in Patara 270 AD) he was first buried on modern-day  Gemiler island (St. Nicholas Island) near Fethiye, but centuries later his body was moved in land to the town of Myra (Modern day Demre) due to pirate raids on the coast.

Demre (Myra) is about a three to four hour ride each way for us, we decided to take the longer coastal route instead of cutting across over the mountains, which would be a very cold ride this time of year. Firstly we rode slowly over the twisting hill roads towards Fethiye, where Theo had his accident a couple of weeks ago, after an hour or so his confidence started to return and we tested our new bike to bike radio communications out.

My radio and headset worked perfectly, I could hear Theo at high speeds but he could not hear me, and his transmissions were breaking up all the time, some sticky tape solved Theo’s break-up problem.

My headset has two speakers in the helmet, but Theo’s headset, bought by Boris only has one helmet speaker….Boris çok cimri, so another speaker needs to be wired in some how to compensate for the wind noise around the helmets at higher speeds.

Also on this trip my other camera died, yet again!! and only 4 of my photos appeared after taking about 25, so most of the photos on this post come from Theo’s camera. Anyway, we rode along the coast road through Kas and then Kalkan (See Video at the end) where we stopped for lunch.

For lunch we had tea and a ”Day la yengen” sandwich, which translates from Turkish to English as ”My Uncles Wife,”  anyway, she tasted good and was very filling lol, 3 Lira (2USD) each. After lunch, we rode for another hour untill finally reaching Myra and the St. Nicholas Basilica.

Exact dates and events are a little unclear, but St. Nicholas was entombed here for several hundred years untill either an Emperor, a  Pope or senior Cardinal mounted a raid in 1087  to recover his body and take it  to Bari, in Italy. A ship was secretly despatched from Italy carrying mercenaries with the task of recovering his body.

Accounts of the time say that  the towns folk and priests at the Basilica were so shocked and stunned by the sight of the well-armed mercenaries carrying off the body of St. Nicholas to their ship, that they offered no resistance.

The Basilica is quite well preserved for a building more than 1700 years old, and 1000 years since the tenant left. Once in Italy, a new Basilica was built to enshrine his remains.

A French archeologist in the 18th centuries did a lot of the restoration work, paid for from his own pocket. About 1KM further North from the Basilica are whats left of  the ancient city of  Myra, Lycian rock tombs about 2500 years old and an ampitheatre.

It would have been great to spend more time here looking around but the light fades fast here this time of year. We called in at the Myra boat yards for a quick look before heading back towards Kalkan and Kas where Theo’s confidence returned in leaps and bounds enroute (See video at the end).

We then rode on to Kas and Kalkan where we stopped for a little rest and a ciggie break.

Next time I’m in Italy, I might go to Bari and then complete the trilogy of Father Christmas.

At patara, on a fast stretch of quiet road, a well disguised speed trap caught us doing….err…..a little over the limit, I won’t say on here exactly what. Anyway the 4 policemen were very chatty, very nice, one spoke perfect English, we stayed and talked about bikes for a while and then they brought us tea, which was very welcome. I asked if they would mind being on my website, they were happy to pose for photos on the condition that I write on here what the speed limits are in Turkey, so foreigners know…..70 KPH for Bikes, 90 KPH for cars.

After thanking them for the tea, we carried on towards home, a good trip ……And Theo is back on his bike again!!

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~ by travelswithmymotorbike on December 9, 2009.

25 Responses to “ON THE TRAIL OF SANTA CLAUS (Part 2)”

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  2. Well done Babe xxxxx you did it, a great video and I am made up that Teoman has managed to get back on his bike again, Well done Teoman x

  3. Dave:

    got your message. So you went to YT before I could put my links in for my post which is developing in my mind. I’ve been working on video settings for the past 3 days. Probably over 8 hours now changing this and that. The YT uploader resizes to 360×240 or something light that. I have to save 640×480 myself then upload separately. Will take another day as I have to go out tonight.
    can’t comment on this post until I see view the video but so far your pictures are great. One day we will see this with our own eyes. Whaat happened to your camera ? Did you overpower it with your battery pack ?

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • Hi Bob,

      Don’t know what happened to camera 2, perhaps the SD cards knackered, I don’t know really…I’ve given it a stern look and muttered ”I can replace you” so we’ll see if that works, it always did with the kids!!



  4. Dave:

    PS: say HI to Babe for me too

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  5. Just great Dave, I never new Santa was real…vids are getting better and better.


  6. Did you really have tea with the cops…wish it was like that here, your one lucky bas%&+% lol…


    • Hi Owen,

      Yes they really brought tea for us, had a nice chat about bikes, and let off with a caution, police here have always been good in my experience.



  7. I was wandering if Theo would give up after his spill, great hes back on the bike again….and now we can see and hear you, brings your blog alive mate..well done!!!


    • Cheers for that Stan, we just have to practice not to be so self concious on video lol..



  8. what a nice sunny video to cheer up a wet wednesday at work, well done!!


  9. Dave,

    I really hate to be the one to tell you…………but that MUSIC!!!!!!!Aaarrrgghh……yes, I know I have a MUTE button!!

    Glad to see Theo is back up and riding again!

  10. Boo!! You mean you came through the village without saying hello!? Shame on you! Plus your video won’t load for me.

    • Hi MD,

      One day I will get myself a mobile phone lol…could not make arrangement before hand, did not know if Theo’s nerve would hold out, this was his 3rd attempt to get back on his bike.

      VIMEO videos can be seen in Turkey, Youtube is banned, you have to change your IP address, easy to do, just google how….anyway I uploaded one video to Vimeo here http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=419109&page=36
      on ADV website, Vimeo will not embed in WordPress.

      HANG ON….I will put a new catagory on my page….right hand side, the PAGES part, I have made a new page called MY VIDEOS, click and it will give you a choice of YOUTUBE or VIMEO for those living in Turkey.



  11. They really ban youtube in Turkey!!!…Thought that sort of thing just went on in China lol

  12. They will have to stop all that carry on if they want to join the EU !!

  13. Very cool post Dave – thanks for taking us on your journey. The next time you see St. Nicholas, if you could put in a good word for me…

    • Hi Lance,

      I will put in a good word, which Mercedes is it you fancy, the SLC or SLK lol..



  14. Well I never thought for a moment Father Christmas was real…you’ve taught me something lol, looks a great day out, thanks for sharing!!


    • Hi Pete,

      Yep Santa was very real alright!!….might take a ride out next week to where Peter Pan was born lol.



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