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After two days and nights of heavy rain, I had a little ride around off-road in search of mud and giant puddles, but the rain soaked away almost instantly, the ground is still dry here after the summer heat.

I have started to learn how to work Windows Movie Maker a little, each video now  gets just a little bit better than the one before lol. The camera and my nuclear power pack performed well, I just need to find a man with a soldering iron next, the battery contacts need to be something better than paper clips.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on December 6, 2009.

18 Responses to “AFTER THE RAIN”

  1. Great Dave, how have you got such good quality video from a cheap camera, most youtube bike videos are very poor quality???

    Cheers O.

    PS. I’ve started to carve up the garden hose to make a mount like yours lol.

    • Hi Owen,

      Bob is the one on here who will know exactly why my videos are better quality than most on YouTube…My guess would be pixels, although its a cheap camera (50 Quid) it is 8 Mega Pixel and makes videos at 640p.

      The second reason is probably format, YouTube likes certain formats uploaded, the rest it butchers up from what I have read. I have been using Windows Movie Maker, it comes free with Windows XP, I dont know about Vista etc, Bob will know, come back and check these comments in a day or two.

      ….And lastly, with such a superb homemade camera mount, how can you fail lol…



  2. With a title like that I was expecting Turkish wrestling!
    ROFL, Nikos

    • Hi Nikos,

      Turkish wrestling…….Hmm, think I might just stick to bikes, but you never know lol..



  3. Dave/Nikos:

    Yes, Turkish wrestling in the mud for your next video, Dave. Now you’re on assignment.

    As for the Youtube videos, I think yours are coming out better than mine. Funny think I take DVD quality 640x480p but when you upload to Youtube they downsize it to something like 340x240p anyway, that’s why most video are not good. All you have to do is reduce the screen size as a smaller window will be sharper. I tried to upload a 480p video to Photobucket but it came up with an error message, probably resolution was too large for them. I was also using the FREE, Windows Movie Maker too but it was freezing up on me a lot so I purchased new software that I am still learning how to use. I’m still doing more testing.

    but DAVE, that video is fabulous. There were some large mud lakes I am not sure if I would have gone through. What if you stopped in the middle and lost your balance.

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • Hi Bob,

      From what I’ve read, it’s normal for Windows Movie Maker to freeze up, mine does every 15 minutes lol, but I just switch the computer off and on again, it remembers where you got too and you don’t loose anything. It’s strange yours is 640p also, but gets butchered up….there must be a setting in my WMM that Youtube likes then!!…..mine is on 4.3 ratio, 30fps and 1.3mbps from what I remember, next time I make a video I will write down all the settings and post them here for you.

      You know Bob……It could just be that my cheap Chinese camera is more superior than anything Cannon, Sony, Pentax or Olympus make lol…..

      I’m not too bothered about getting wet or falling off when playing off road, had a lot of practice falling off when I was a teenager lol, it does not hurt that much really because the speeds are a lot lower than on the road spills.



  4. Nice ride! Makes me want to have my Transalp back… keep on rolling.

    • Hi Sonjam,

      Welcome aboard, your an excellent photographer like Bob from what I’ve seen on your blog, do you know anything about making Youtube videos?



  5. Dave:

    I just got tired of the WMM freezing all the time. When I make my videos the source videos are very clear, but the problem is when I upload to YouTube they force you to downsize to 240p. Yesterday I worked on it for a few hours trying to come up with something 480p but I am trying to figure out how to change the settings on my Adobe Premiere Elements. All the presets for web viewing are set to 240p FLV (Flash video)
    My Canon FS200 is producing video at 9 mb/s at full resolution, but I usually set it for 6 mb/s . Movie Maker used to output at 1.5 mb/s . I just read the .pdf documentation that I can export to .WMV so I am going to try that tonight.
    I can’t have your EL-Cheapo chinese POC outperform my highly rated Canon (lol). otherwise I’m going to have to change to your type of equipment. Perhaps it’s your diet of corn flakes with chocolate pudding that is making your video much better. That will be plan “B”

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • Hi Bob,

      I don’t know anything about Adobe, every single item of software here in turkey is pirate copies, which is good, you can’t get any better than free…but unfortunately most of it comes in Turkish which makes it no use to me at all….there’s always a catch lol.

      My Chinese sweat shop special was a lucky find, I think I will paint ”Canon” or ”Sony” on the front of it tomorrow lol…it takes rubbish photos but the videos are excellent lol…….Just had a brainwave Bob, I can paint Canon on the front with Linda’s nail varnish, post them off to you, you then sell them in Canada at Canon prices….this time next year we’ll be millionaires lol.

      On a more somber note, I saw Theo today, he tried to ride his bike again at the weekend but couldn’t do it, too afraid still….So he’s put his bike up for sale today at a cheap price on the internet here, just to get rid of it. He asked me today if I would take him out for one last try tomorrow, just me and him, no other riders to pressure him, as I’m the slowest rider in our group that kinda does make sense. I’ve chosen the destination of Myra for us tomorrow, about 3 hours ride away, if he can get himself there and back without freezing up, he’ll either be cured or it’ll be his worst nightmare ever!!



  6. Dave:

    Tell Theo to just get on the bike and ride very slowly on straight roads without curves. That crash was not his fault, it was oil on the road, a hazard that he didn’t notice until it was too late. It was not his riding abilities (or lack thereof) that did this. Ride UNDER the speed limit for a while, and make sure that someone else is always leading. Perhaps your group could just ride slower to restore his confidence. I have a similar problem myself but I think it was my blood sugar level making me dizzy when I was on those curves and “tipped” my Wee. I am still a little nervous myself.

    I think the real problem is that we all think we are invincible, it will never happen to us, it will always happen to some one else.

    I’ve been working on my video testing for the past few days, doing testing, changing bit rates, resolutions etc and I think some of my problem is the H.264 mpeg4 Codec. Plus I did try to export to WMV format using different settings. Spent over 3 hours just yesterday. Since migrating over to Adobe Premiere Elements I do not have to convert my .MOD files as it brings them right in. I think this is the problem. When using Windows Movie Maker I had to use a conversion utility to convert the .MOD files to .AVI to bring them it. This will be my last test. To covert the files before importing into PR (Premiere elements). I hope this solves the problems. I was following in your footsteps. I couldn’t sleep and had this brainstorm at 3am.

    I have some test video posted on Youtube with different bit rates etc and when I do this last test, perhaps I will do a post in your honour to outline what I have discovered.

    OH, don’t bother to send me the Painted Canon or Sony faceplates for my Canon camcorder. It’ll be easier if I just paint over the Canon myself with something like, Changdou Camera Corp of China on the front and turn it into a Chinese POC
    I just need the bottle of Linda’s Red nail Polish

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • Hi Bob,

      Sorry for the late reply, I was out all day with Theo on the bikes, we got off to a very slow start, but kept at it, an hour or so later he was back to his old self , but with just a little more caution……which is a good thing, he’s cured!!

      WMM is starting to really anoy me also, 10 hours I spent last night to make an 8 minute video, there are some free open source video making programmes on the net, I might try one of those next perhaps.

  7. Been monitoring yours and Bobs comments…I never for a moment thought putting vids on YT could be such a problem….think I’ll watch and wait a while lol….I made the bke tripod like yours though, cheers for that.


    • Hi Owen,

      Yep, formating and conversion are the issues…It was just dumb luck my camera spits out the right format for WMM and Youtube, Bobs been playing around with his cameras and has now found the right format and edit software for his videos on Youtube.



  8. Wish I could have made some bike vids years ago when the ‘Other half’ and I were touring, its a great way to preserve the memories of the trips, photos are good but vids are just better somehow.

    Well done Dave


    • Hi Stan,

      Yes…There is just that something that is better on video than photos, I wish I had thought of doing this before my Grand Tour.



  9. Looks great fun Dave, even being chased by mad dogs lol…Did you ever think of putting proper off-road tyres on the old girl?


    • Hi James,

      Yes, I have thought about putting knobblies on many times, if I could find a cheap set I would!!



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