Be Warned, the sound and video quality are simply dire, but its a first attempt!!

I cobbled together a mount by using bits of hose pipe, tape, sticky rubber and a sponge stolen from Theo’s office.

Those of you who were brave enough to watch the whole video will see that vibration is a bit of an issue!!

A re-think on where to mount the camera tomorrow.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on November 18, 2009.

6 Responses to “FIRST VIDEO ATTEMPT”

  1. Dave:

    Bravo, Bravo. I noticed that you did the gravel/dirt roads first to get us used to the vibration, then near the end you rode on a paved road. I use the following Ram mount: U-bolt off the mirror, then Arm, and ball with 1/4″ thread for camera socket. All pieces are on the site I sent you. I have a post somewhere about it, with pictures
    I’m guessing Cdn$30-35. total for everything. You could also mount them off the crash bars

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • Hi Bob,

      The first attempt was to see if I liked videoing or not….I do!! The video quality of the camera was good enough, so no need to buy a camcorder.

      Next project is a better mounting, I will ask Theo tomorrow to look on any Turkish websites for me to see if Ram are available here, I don’t trust the post here, so am reluctant to buy from UK. Yest the crash bars are an option also if we can cobble together some kind of mount.

      The second project is how to keep the camera supplied with juice, the normal batteries flatten in 3 minutes videoing, there are two options for this…The camera has a small round socket in the side labled 3v DC, perhaps it could run off the bike or perhaps two large batteries could be connected to the camera. Also if I understood how the battery contacts worked inside the camera, I could make a hole in the compartment lid and connect wires to the battery contacts running out to 2 fat batteries in a tank bag for example.

      If non of the above worked, then I would have to consider a camcorder just because of battery life…its never straight forward mate lol



  2. Dave:

    install a 12Volt power outlet to accept cigarette lighter accessories. then get a 12v to 3 volt cable with round outlet to plug into your camera. (3v car adapters used to be available for sony walkman) I could probably find one here, but I need to know the diameter of the 3V plug, they come in a few different sizes. I have a universal adapter which comes with all the plugs. I think they were somewhere around Cdn$25. or something like that.
    Too bad you couldn’t ride your bike overhere here for one weekend, and we would get you all set up

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • Hi Bob,

      Found your ram mount set up on your blog, way back in August it was, nice set up you have there. Here in Turkey without the luxury of honest postmen I will have to make something….I have an idea of going to see the metal bashers tomorrow and getting them to knock up an ”L” shaped bracket with 2 bolt holes that I can bolt straight on to the reservior bracket. I also have a miniture tripod that I can remove/cut the legs off, I will them be left with a ball joint plus the camera bolt and locking ring….Then I just have to some how join the top part of my tripod to the top of my ”L” shaped bracket and ”Hey presto” one camera mount!!

      It’s good know that the camera can run off the bikes electric, thanks for that Bob, I will keep that as plan ”B” should drilling holes in the camera to run a wire from large batteries fail lol, what could possible go wrong lol….

      The socket for the 3v is very small, I tried to put the 2.5mm plug from the headset in there, so I would guess the socket must be around 2mm, I love having a project!!



  3. Dave:

    do you not have such a thing as Registered Mail, or mail where you have to “SIGN” for delivery. I could send “stuff” over with receipt requested. I pay a little extra for this but if it doesn’t arrive and I get it insured, then I get my money back

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • Hi Bob,

      Don’t know about signed deliveries etc here, nobody has ever mentioned it, I will ask Theo about it tomorrow, when we were having the headset plug problem last week, he did mention that the school where his dad is the headmaster they always get there mail there.

      Leave it with me and I’ll ask around, What time is there?? it’s 01.52 AM here.



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