The much-anticipated ride, to test out our bike to bike radios finally came today, the destination chosen was kusadasi, a sea-side town about 150 miles away. An early start, I was to meet up with Theo at Ortaca, we would then ride together to Mugla to meet up with Boris and Andac.


Notice the ends of the fingers have been cut off from Theo’s gloves, he borrowed the thick winter gloves from a friend, but the gloves were to small for his hands, and hence, the finger tips had to be cut off !!

It’s about an hours ride to Mugla, the town is over 1500 feet above sea level and it gets pretty cold up there in winter. We were pulled over by the police in Mugla for a document check, I have never had a document check take 20 minutes before, it must be Theo’s fault !


All papers in order, we head off to find Boris and Andac.


We had a quick play with the radios, but alas, Boris has not been able to find headsets with the correct ear piece jacks, despite cobbling together adapters etc. his radios will not work properly without the correct jack. The radios are made here in Turkey, so one would be forgiven for thinking that it would be easy to buy the correct jacks etc. here in Turkey….but no!!

With mine being the only functional set out of three, the test was obviously abandoned and a shopping trip now began between here and Kusadasi, to find an electronics shop.


First stop was around 10  AM for breakfast, Boris had made a flask of coffee and also brought along some doughnut type things to eat.


While we were parked I took a couple of photos of the PTT switch, which I mounted on the mirror stem and can reach easily with my thumb,  also photos of  the handlebar brace and new tank pad.



The new tank pad is much larger than the old one, so should help to prevent more scratches on the tank should I ever use a tank bag again.




Off we go again towards Kusadasi.


Andac on his BMW F650.


Theo on his Kanuni GT 250.


Boris on his Honda Africa Twin.



After another stop for ciggies and a look at the map, I thought it would be fun to play with the camera and try for those difficult mirror shots.




I didn’t notice at first, but Theo is stood up on the pegs trying to get in on the shot.


After another hour or so we stopped off at a country cafe for tea.





Riding through the countryside on the outskirts of Kusadasi, it was cotton harvest time.



On the outskirts of Kusadasi was the first of many shops that we called in on to find the correct headset jack, Theo and I were in some deep, deep conversation in the car park about either bikes or monkeys lol.


As you descend the hill into kusadasi, the 13th Century Byzantine castle comes in to view out in the bay.


We parked up on the pavement, Boris and Theo went off walking around kusadasi in search of electrical shops whist Andac and myself sat by the bay drinking tea.






After a fruitless search of Kusadasi plus a neighbouring town we headed back empty-handed.



All the good photos are courtesy of Boris, next trip together I shall have to steal that excellent camera of his !

~ by travelswithmymotorbike on November 15, 2009.

24 Responses to “RIDE TO KUSADASI”

  1. Very good photos Dave, lovin the mirror shots, your going to be aching Tomorrow 😦

  2. Good pics Dave – and why weren’t we taken here??? Looks a lovely place. Hope you’re not in too much pain………….:D

    • Hi Bev,

      Yes Kusadasi looks a nice place, large ex-pat community there I believe, house prices about 40% less than here. It’s the first time I have been there myself, I got to Altinkum and Didim last year, which are about 30-45 minutes away from Kusadasi.

      It takes hours to travel just 300 miles here as you know, it took us 12 hours to get there and back, a journey that would only take 5 hours in most other countries….you cant beat Turkish roads for adventure lol.



  3. Dave:

    what does this “jack” look like. Can we purchase it over here and just mail it over to you ?

    Nice place. I liked that castle.

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • Hi Bob,

      Very kind offer mate, thanks for that. I have no idea how to measure a jack, but from what Boris told me yesterday our Turkish built radios use non-standard jacks, they are shorter, thinner and the isolation rings are also non standard. Boris rang the factory and the advice was to ”File down” a jack to fit…he tried this but it did not work very well.

      Today Boris’s job was to ring the factory again and give them hell lol…We can get some from England because I bought my headset there after making a couple of phone calls while I was there.

      We debated yesterday about having some bits posted to us here in Turkey, but since a great deal of the mail always gets lost/stolen/opened we need to find a person who the postmen are afraid off, we did use Mick’s address for a while after he went down and threatened the post office manager with a beating 18 months ago, but even his mail is starting to go missing now lol….its just part of life here mate lol



  4. Dave:

    give me an idea of what you need


    and I’ll mail it over. I can get the Linda Hugs later

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • ….Linda hugs, even better than that I’ll let you touch the Transalp for one whole minute lol.

      Thanks for the website, had a look, but none of our group has any electrical knowledge at all, zero!! We dont know what we need, but we know what we have does not fit lol

      All I can think of Bob, is I take a photo of my plug and Boris takes a photo of his plug, and there is some kind of adapter thingy??

      I will get in touch with Theo and Boris in the morning and see how they got on talking with the factory today and see what they want to do next.

      Thanks again for your help Bob, much appreciated,



  5. Dave:

    over here, in North Ameerica they only use 2 types of plugs. The dual ones, which aren’t used much anymore, and the mini-stereo ones which are 2.5mm or 3.5mm diameter and have 3 “contacts”

    I use the IMC units which come with helmet speakers and plug into a FRS/GMRS radio with 3.5mm dia stereo headphone plugs, like these


    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    ps: I was thinking about the touching of your Transalp, but while it is curvacious, it is cold and metallic, unlike L………

    • ….Progress…found my tape measure, the plug we need to fit in the radios is 2.5mm dia. and 13mm long with 2 black rings in the lower half of the stem. The plugs Boris and Theo have on their headsets it something different, so we are now half way there lol

      …Cold and metallic!!….you’ve obviously never touched a Transalp sir !



    • Hi Bob,

      Spoke to Theo and Boris this morning, they managed to find some kind of adapter from the factory and the radios are now working….thanks very much for your offer of help Bob, your a star and there are hugs waiting for you here from Boris and Theo lol.

      Thanks once again,



  6. Dave,

    I fixed the radio problem. Next time when you say something we can hear you…
    And the camera is Sony DSC T7
    And also thanks to Bob, I think we fixed the jack problem…

    • Hi Baris,

      Theo told me the radios are now working and İ e-maild Bob thanking him for his help……..So group leader baris when is the ride to test our radios????



  7. Hi Dave,
    I want to ride to test our radios tommorrow but as you know I have to work. And this weekend I’m busy, I have to go to Fethiye to take my grandmother. But I can give teo’s radio saturday morning and you can test it…


    • Hi Baris,

      Theo has hurt his back again, he is walking like 150 year old GAY man lol…..maybe he will be better by Saturday!!



  8. Baris & Dave:

    glad you got your radios working. I have radios but no one else wanted to spend the money for them, so I have no one to talk to. On Saturday I can turn my radio on to see if I can hear you.

    It’s still raining cats & dogs. will have to trade the bike in for a jet ski soon if it doesn’t stop. More rain for the next week.

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • Hi Bob,

      We will go to high ground on Saturday to boost the signal range then, Canada can’t be much over 12km away from here lol

      Our radios and headsets together worked out about 40 pounds (60USD) per man, but we all feel we need them riding here. If Theo and Boris do come with me in March to Rome, then three sets of eyes looking out for those tiny, tiny road signs and being able to communicate with one another will be a great help!



  9. Dave:

    those tiny, teeny, weenie, signs will look much bigger, larger, humungous with NEW glasses

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • LOL…..can’t afford new glasses Bob, I’ve got a wife and two motorbikes to keep lol.



  10. Looks like you have it a little warmer there Dave then we do Ha Ha Ha….nice ride and photos.


    • Hi Stan,

      …It was not to bad, about 25c that day, but it feels cold to us lol…



  11. HI, I came across some of your photography and was wondering if you would let me use a photo you have taken for my company website. The image I would like to use is image_0099 of the cotton harvest.

    Would you be ok with me using it for our site?


  12. HI, I came across some of your photography and was wondering if you would let me use a photo you have taken for my company website. The image I would like to use is image_0099 of the cotton harvest.

    Would you be ok with me using it for our site?


    • Hi Joe,

      Thanks for the comment, no worries, help yourself now or in the future to any photos you may want..



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