The side frame and swing arm are to be painted today, the colour of these items is a shade or two different from the body colour so I asked him how we would find out the paint number for these parts.

”No problem, I paint the Kawasaki’s and Honda’s for this area, I know all their colours.”


I persuaded him that by using copious quantities of masking tape and newspaper, he would be able to spray the parts in situ and I would not have to have the bike in pieces for days. So, after rubbing down with wet and dry, the fiddly and time consuming process of masking up, began.


You cant tell from the photo, but the swinging arm, plus all hoses etc. are masked up all the way to the pivot point in the bikes bowels.



Many layers later, and after a couple of hours drying time , the masking is all removed to reveal luscious new paintwork.


You cant tell Linda and her, chainsaw like boots, have ever been on my bike lol. Polishing will wait untill I return from UK in a couple of weeks or so.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on October 23, 2009.

12 Responses to “PAINTING – DAY 2”

  1. Dave:

    I have an idea. If Linda doesn’t know LEFT from RIGHT, then just switch the boots next time (lol)

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • Bob, your a genius, why did’nt I think of that lol…. It feels bloody strange trying to type on an English keyboard here, mothers having a couple of nights in hospital this weekend, Linda and my sister are having a long deserved rest from looking after all mothers needs.

      The two way radios and headsets that I ordered in Turkey are here, despite a postal strike, the radios and headsets work great in the house !!

  2. Looks like your painter is very good! Yes, I agree, it’s worth the wait.

    • Hi Lance,

      Can’t wait to get back to Turkey and get her all polished up, I’ve also bought handlebar risers and a cross bar while in the UK as well as the two way radios and headsets.



  3. Hi Dave. This is ”the venturer” from ADVRider. Been long since we last talked. Hoping that everything just going fine?
    Take care and ride safe and sound.
    P.S. Dickyb sent this blog to me.

    • Hi V,

      I am in England at the moment, my mother has terminal cancer, so I will probably be here for a month now, but when I get back to Turkey I shall have me a few rides, Iron Butt and Rome on my ride list so far !!

      Take care mate, its good of you to come and look for me, regards to Dicky,



  4. Ohh! I am so sorry to hear that. I wish her fast recoveries. Take care and do please tell your mother ab my ”kind regards”

    • ….Thanks for that V’ I wish she could recover, I will be back in Turkey next week with new bike toys to play with!!



  5. And I wish the same.
    Kind regards to you all.
    the venturer

  6. Hi from Steffi….

    • Hi Steffi\Derek\and Fay,

      I am just on my sisters computer now, checking through my e-mails before flying back to my CHEAP life in Turkey in a few hours time lol….It was really great to catch up with the three of you after 5 years away…..And even better to find I have more hair left than Derek lol.

      My e-mail address is ( ) for anything private, or just leave comments on my website taking the p%£s out of me like everyone else does lol.

      Great to see you all again,



  7. Hi from Derek….

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