Finally, our one and only local spray painter has managed to fit me in to touch up the bodywork on the Transalp, I’ve seen his work on a couple of bikes and he’s worth waiting for. Mostly there are dozens of stone chips here and there from the appalling roads here, plus many scratches from the tank bag and Linda’s boots. Also some wanker scraped the side of my fairing in a car park last month, leaving an almost 6 inch long gouge.


On further examination some of the stone chips on the front mud guard had left minuet indentations, so my painter decided they needed filler as with the fairing.


While he was busy sanding and filling, I got some of his special grit laden polish and started removing some of the tank scratches and Linda’s boot marks on the side panels, 85% of all the scuffs and scratches are now gone!


After sanding and filling a few times over, it was then primer and sanding after masking up.




5 or 6 layers of primer were applied, and rubbed down with wet and dry paper in between.


Several layers of metallic silver, followed by three layers of clear lacquer.


The paint blends in perfectly already, a first class job, but tomorrow when the paint has hardened properly he will then polish the fairing and mud guard. He will them spray parts of the frame and swing arm, again, bloody stone chips, if only they would build roads properly here!!


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on October 22, 2009.

4 Responses to “PAINTING – DAY 1”

  1. Dave:

    very nice job. You keep mentioning Linda’s boots (more than once). I am guessing that since she caused most of the damage she is going to P-P-P-PPPPay ? I know she doesn’t read this blog. Lucky thing your TA didn’t get pushed over so perhaps the gouge was better than if it was HIT harder.

    I am still puzzled. In every photo while riding Monte she is never wearing boots. I guess she doesn’t want to damage her bike, but . . .

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • Hi Bob,

      Yes…Linda’s boots with the zip on the inside, they had a distinct chainsaw action on the side panels, and yes Bob, she does not wear those boots whilst riding Montie lol.



  2. Your lucky to have a good guy on hand Dave, when I had some patching done on the car here, it cost me hundreds of Pounds, would I be correct in thinking your guy is a little cheaper over there in Turkey…


    • Hi James,

      Second day of painting today, ran out of time for the polishing, that will have to be when I return from Uk in a couple of weeks or so…but yes, much cheaper here, 33 Quid (50 USD)



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