After one week of intensive research by four members of our bike group, Theo, Boris, Korhan, and myself, none of us gifted with the technology gene bye the way. We have, after trawling the internet and even phoning the factory where the radios are made, twice, we have a cheap solution to bike to bike comms, plus rider to pillion and anyone to anyone in the group!!


Two way radios, or Walkie Talkies as they are sometimes known. Two way radios operating on the PMR446 frequency are licence free throughout the greater European region, they transmit at only 0.5 watts and do not interfere with the Police or Military radio frequencies of most countries.

There are many radios to choose from in the UK, from as little as 10 Pounds (16 USD) each for a 3KM range, or much higher prices for fully waterproof (IPX7 standard = under 1m of water for 30 minutes remaining operational)

We chose the radios pictured above:- Cobra MT 975, they have a 12KM range, are water proof to IPX4 (IPX4 = light rain) and are cheap at 22 Pounds each radio (35 USD) they also have an earphone jack where you can plug in your headset.


There are a few choices of in-helmet headsets with super slim speakers, the one pictured above is the MHS500 for open face helmets with the microphone on a boom that I have ordered for myself at 21 Pounds (33 USD) full faced helmets have a flat mic attached to the inside of the helmet near your mouth. There are both cheaper, and slightly more expensive headsets than my one, but they operate the same way.

VOX = Voice on Command, in other words, when you speak the radio transmits automatically, but from people who have tried VOX operation on motorbikes its fine up to 50KPH (30 MPH) after that the wind roar and engine noise will keep setting the VOX off.

PTT = Press To Talk, is the solution for motorbikes, you have a waterproof button and cable connected to the radio on your handlebar, you simply press to talk.


Via an adapter, two headsets can be connected to one radio for the rider and pillion, allowing the rider and pillion to talk to one another and anyone else in the group, I read an additional PTT switch is required for the pillion but at present this is not completely understood untill we get the radios and start to play.


In conclusion, we have bike to bike communication for one bike and rider for 43 Pounds (68 USD) much cheaper than Bluetooth offerings at hundreds of Dollars.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on October 20, 2009.


  1. Dave:

    I have GPS radios with the IMC cable which permits you also to plug in a cell phone and MP3 player. I have helmet speakers and external microphone which attaches with double sided tape. I was looking for something better

    also I am using my old Garmin 250 GPS. You can get an upgraded one with bluetooth which will transmit to a bluetooth cellphone earpiece. cheapest one over here is 265WT. You can purchase these earpieces for as little as Cdn$30. I find that you do not need to hear the voice commands. The unit shows you a redish/pink line to show which road to take, or which freeway ramp to enter/exit

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • Hi Bob,

      Sounds like your pretty well sorted there mate, mp3 player….luxury, we have to squeeze a chicken and slap our hands on the petrol tank to make music here lol.

      NAVTEQ say that this part of the World Greece/Turkey is now 53% mapped, but the main reason I am finally joining the modern World is Italy, very,very few road signs…we just did not know where the hell we were in Italy or France, maps were simply no use without a reference.

      I will probably have a little jaunt or two around Europe again next year and feel the desperate need for a GPS in Italy especially, but given my appalling eye sight, voice prompts will very helpful. I am in the process of getting myself a Paypal account in order to be able to use E-bay in UK where I might be able to pick up a cheap second hand unit.

      I have now started to research GPS units and so far most people reckon Garmin are the best, I also need Europe 42 maps included, minimum…..and I’m thinking of changing bikes next year also to a Honda Varadero, the megger tourer.



  2. Dave:

    I would only buy a Garmin unit. There is so much more support for maps and such but I have always purchased the lower-priced units. I think one day, I would like to have a model that can save the “bread crumbs” or that you could map out your trip ahead of time and upload to the unit, of which the cheaper models do NOT do. By saving “bread crumbs” you will able to see where you have been and give your route to other people.

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • Hi Bob,

      Yep…All the reviews I’ve read say Garmin is the better unit and better company to deal with for customer support etc, just need to find what is the right unit for me that does not cost an arm and a leg lol.



  3. Try to get Caberg Helmet, I know it will cost you a pretty much bucks but it’s a nice helmet and a great communication while driving your motorcycle.

  4. How do you connect two headset of mt975 that can it talk with pillion per one radio??

    • Hi Dainius,

      The radio has 2 mic jacks, one at the top one at the bottom, a second handlebar talk button is held in the hand or velcrowed around the finger by the pillion.



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