I would just like to take a moment to  thank everyone for their interest in my ramblings, my humble little blog has just passed 50,000 hits.


I began this blog about a year ago to record my travels with my motorbike, I have had evil thoughts recently about selling the old girl, I put this temporary insanity down to quitting the fags and having my mind infected with oxygen.

You know where you are with good old Nicotine and the mental equilibrium it instills, now the no smoking  madness is over I shall return to riding once again.

Thanks once again to all those who read, comment, stop by or just accidently stumbled across my blog and immediately left again lol.



~ by travelswithmymotorbike on October 1, 2009.

14 Responses to “THANKS VERY MUCH”

  1. Dave: said: “evil thoughts recently about selling the old girl “

    Firstly, Linda isn’t that old, if you got rid of her you would be condemned to Corn Flakes and Chocolate pudding for life.

    Secondly, if you did, then you would have Montie as a spare, hmmm not a bad trade off now that I think about it. (LOL)

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • Hi Bob,

      You know…….Montie as a spare is not a bad idea hmmm………Chocolate pudding cornflakes are but a distant memory now, Linda has me on a flatulence inducing vegetarian diet, do healthy people really live longer or does it just feel longer !!

      My weight has gone down about 4 kilos so far, now I’m smoking again dieting is so much easier without the constant eating that ex-smokers endure lol..



  2. So Dave, If I start smoking then give up for a bit then start again my hair will grow, turn dark and a moustache will appear…sounds a good plan to me!

    • Hi Nikos,

      Well I dont really want to brag about my full head of lushes hair Nikos, but since you bring the subject up, I do attribute it to the old vitamin sticks plus a high salt and high fat diet… the words of Hommer Simpson, ”Hmmmm Cholesterol” lol.


      Dr. Dave…

  3. Just to let you guys know..I AM STILL LİSTENING!!!!!

  4. Dave, congratulations – I enjoy your blog, so here’s to many more posts! Borat is glad you made it this far!

    • Hi Lance,

      Cheers for the kind words, with Borat on my side how can I fail……..I wonder if Borat rides ?



  5. At least Borat didn’t wear his one piece speedo thong in celebration of this event!

    • …I know!!!…I had to shield my eyes and then pluck out my minds eye when that scene came on screen lol.



  6. Lance via Dave:

    “one piece speedo thong” ? good plan, where is Linda when you need her ?

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  7. Hi Dave

    Stumbled on your blog by accident and what an interesting read. Enjoyed all your travels and may copy a few of them around Europe,

    Have only recently become the owner of an old ’92 Transalp 600 and am delighted with it. I have always been into cruisers and have a Honda VTX1300 & an old Harley Wide Glide 1340 EVO but the handling and the fun factor of the Transalp has me blown away! Cant believe what I’ve been missing !!!

    • Hi Tom,

      Thanks for the kind words,….Yeah, the fun factor is really something is’nt it !!

      I don’t use mine off road much because I’m a knackerd old fart lol, but cutting through traffic jams is just a hoot, you can’t beat being high up and you can load them up way over the recommended weight with no worries. A 92 600 is a collectors item now, enjoy!!



      • Hi Dave,

        I’m afraid I am almost a collectors item myself lol!!
        I am much older fart than you pushing 63 next birthday.
        Hope to get a few more years riding in before I become a complete “fossil” lol
        Looking forward to Europe next Summer already

        Ride safe


        • Hi Tom,

          Thats really great, I hope I am still riding at 63….Have you got yourself a blog yet, it would be good to see the photos of your trip around Europe next year…. go on…… get a blog going!!!



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