It’s getting warmer week by week now, our power cut candles are melting inside the house now, today was just over 43c (110F.) we still have another 9 or 10 degrees (17F.)  to climb yet for  normal  summer temperature here.


Adventure girl could’nt peal herself off the settee today, so I thought I would have a ride around the hills alone and try out my new camera.



There are hundreds of dirt tracks criss crossing the hills, today I took one that I have not been down before.



I had hoped it would be cooler in the hills, but there was no breeze today, just heavy hot air.




Taking your own photos whilst riding along is a little tricky on the roads, on dirt roads it is extremely difficult, because the bike wiggles around on the loose surface. Its much harder to correct the bike on loose ground  with just one hand on the handlebars, this is something only very experienced, or bloody stupid riders should do, I’m in the latter category.




The new camera takes really clear mirror shots.



Some forestry workers were just finishing loading up their truck.



After they left I tried the camera out on the remaining logs.





The smell of freshly cut pine was all around and Heavenly.


After a couple of hours riding around the hill, the water I took with me was now to warm to drink, so I headed back to where I knew there was a water fountain.



Unfortunately there was no water in the fountain, I left the tap running for more than ten minutes, but just hissing air came out.


In Greece I noticed many of the bikes there had leather covers over the petrol tank, that’s because the tank burns your legs.



After waiting for ten minutes, dripping with sweat and still no water, I rode on to where I knew there was another fountain, that was hopefully working.



I easily drank twenty hand fulls of water, and also tried out the camera’s timer plus my miniature tripod. With a belly full of water like some Saharan camel, I rode back to town, calling in at my usual petrol station to wash the dust of the old girl.


Most of the petrol stations in Turkey have free manual car wash.



I think most will agree, the quality of the images produced from my new camera are superior to my 11 year  old camera.



~ by travelswithmymotorbike on July 18, 2009.

18 Responses to “SUMMERS COMING”

  1. Great post and great pics…you’re clearly smoking one too many fags…you need to cut down on the smoking….
    What kind of Camera did you get?

    • Hi Berge,

      Smoking too much?…..I barely had 2 an hour while I was up in the hills, come riding with me and John together, fag breakes are every 10 minutes then lol…..



  2. Great photos! What’s the camera? What’s the tripod?

    • Hi John,

      The camera is a cheap 200lira (80 Quid) fag packet size one, 3X zoom 8 meg, but it was the only compact camera I could get with a view finder and a screen, I cant see the LCD screens in strong sunlight. Premier is the make (I’ve never herd of it either) it can do lots of fancy tricks but I will just leave it on Auto.

      The tripod was 10 lira (4 Quid) from the same shop in Dalaman, it looks exactly the same as a normal tripod but is only 6 inches tall and fits in my pocket, the legs can extend making it about 10 inches tall. The camera starts up very fast, just a few seconds, ideal for one handed photography whilst riding along.

      The processor is much faster and captures colours better than my old steam driven camera, the shop had a range of more expensive cameras 300lira and known makes, but NO view finder, just screens.



  3. The pictures do lookb etter, did you choose the camera that could be used one handed lol…

    • Hi James,

      Yes, that was one of the criteria, I can feel the buttons much better which means I dont have to take my eyes of the road so much lol..



  4. Dave, a Cig breaK EVERY TEN MINUTES WOULD DRIVE ME NUTS…BUT YEAH i’D LIKE TO ONE DAY RIDE WITH YOU GUYS…WHO KNOWS….stranger things have happened…lol…Never heard of your camera make either but the pictures are pretty good…

    • Hi Berge,

      OK, we could extend it to every 20 minutes for you lol… Had the instruction book out today and have started fiddling with some of the programmes to make the camera even easier to operate one handed.



  5. I 2nd the “non-smoking” ban.

    isn’t it nice to have a camera that starts up fast. Looks like this is motivating you to take more pictures.

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • Hi Bob,

      The no smoking ban started in Turkey today, in a country where 99% of men smoke, we wait to see how its going to turn out, despite 5000 special police officers being recruted to enforce the ban.

      Yes, the new camera starts up in about 3 seconds, our old cameras took around 15 seconds, we used to miss alot of road shots because of their slowness.

      Have a good trip Bob,



  6. Yep it sure looks warm there……

    • Hi Andy,

      Still getting bloody warmer, last night 34c at midnight !



  7. A no smoking ban – in TURKEY!!!!! – i’m so glad!!!!! But……….how are you going to cope……….good pics – ’bout time you splashed some cash on a new camera 🙂

    • Hi Aunty Bev,

      You will be glad to know that smoking is alive and well in my house lol…..If they will not let me smoke outside in the cafes etc, then I will not go there…..which saves me money, every cloud…lol !!

      I thought I deserved a new camera, Santa has forgotten me latley, so I bought it myself, you must be ready for the off any day now, so I will wish you both the best of luck now on your jouney incase its tomorrow you leave…nobody tells me anything lol..



  8. HEY your photography is improving…cheers…

    • Hi Berge,

      Not been out for a ride this week, too damn hot, 38c inside the house, 45c outside in the shade this week…its horrible, humid and sweaty, be glad when September comes !!



  9. dave said “…nobody tells me anything lol..



    hey Dave:

    information is on a need to know basis. how’s the photography going ? we love your new camera, now we don’t have to squint at the pictures, they are so clear

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • Hi Bob,

      ”Squinting at the pictures” LOL……We were supposed to meet up with John this week and ride to the ruined city of Patara together, but its been toooooooo hot this week, so energy, and will sapping !!



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