Rash generating Bum sweat is such a problem in the summer here, this year I want to try out what the local riders do. There are three types of seat cover used here by the local people, firstly, a piece of carpet, second a sheep skin, and thirdly a towel.

For hygiene reasons I thought I would use a towel, it can be thrown in the washing machine after every ride, whereas sheep skin and carpet will become a happy breeding ground for all manner of nasty bum eating bacteria.


Although its not been very hot this year, 43c is the high so far, we have been experiencing high humidity levels instead, humidity is by far the worse of the two because sweat just drips from every pore.

Yesterday I was stood around for 4 hours waiting for my Vehicle Roadworthyness Certificate (VRC) This is a new thing in Turkey, and as such is poorly organised and slooooow, but it gave me time to observe other bikes that came for their VRC.

You can smell the sheep skin covers from over  100 meters away, they look like matted dreadlocks after a few months use, prickly carpet does not bare thinking about, it had to be the towel I tried out.


Now I am road legal again, we had a ride out to Dalyan and Koycegiz, the first thing you notice when you sit on the towel is how cool it feels on your rear compared to a black saddle heated up in the midday sun to the temperature of   a  Medieval tar cauldron.


Stopped at Muff’s bar as usual when we go to Dalyan, no sweat stains on the back of my shorts when we arrived there because I’m no longer sitting in a puddle. Further modification to the seat cover is needed however, the towel wedges up between your cheeks whilst your riding along, not a problem until you dismount and the arse wedged towel comes with you dangling behind…..Not a cool look !!!



Heading through Dalyan towards Koycegiz people were trying to keep cool.


We took the back roads to Koycegiz.




We sat by the lake for a while then went to visit Ray to find out if he’s bought a new bike yet.




We spent a pleasant half hour with Ray talking about bikes, and that new Honda automatic bike, we all like the look of it, but its a little pricey here in Turkey with the import duty. I tried my hand at taking photos whilst riding along, but again poor results, I need a modern camera for sure.



There must have been a forest fire somewhere, the fire dousing helicopter was heading to the local reservoir to fill it’s  bucket up.


Conclusions after riding for a few hours with a towel, its much more comfortable, I didn’t have to scratch my arse or fiddle down below once today, though some towel retaining method is needed.



~ by travelswithmymotorbike on July 16, 2009.

15 Responses to “GOING NATIVE”

  1. LOL… SO FUNNY !! yet true, ‘Bum sweat’ can be a problem touring on the continent in summer lol….


    • Hi James,

      Glad you like it……as you say its all true, but nobody mentions the bum rashes after a long ride in summer lol…



  2. dave:

    wearing a towel is sort of like wearing a thong, I suppose you get used to it after a while


    congrats on your own Montie. You’ve earned some freedom and now Dave has lost a photographer. He really needs to update that old relic of an ancient camera.

    Every since summer began I have been busy every weekend. I have run out of time, it seems. I never got caught up on my postings and readings, and tommorrow I leave for the Okanagan, which is the Napa valley of British Columbia. Summer is so short, we have to make the most of our time.

    This weekend, where I am travelling on my bike, the temps will be up to 38c. Here on the coast it is normally around the low 20’s so I will get to experience similar to where you are. It’s difficult to ride when it is too hot having to wear riding jacket and pants. Like you I will probably be sitting in a pool of water too.

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • Hi Bob,

      Thanks for the comment, yes I remember how short the summers are up North, you have to grab every dry and warmish weekend that comes along (About 6 per year in UK lol) Remember to drink plenty of water if your riding in 38+ for any long period or you will start to get light headed or banging headaches.

      Looking foward to your ride report and photos next week,



  3. Dave, the advantage of a scooter is that you can trap the towel between the seat and the rim of the storage area underneath. That keeps the towel in place while you ride and stops it being blown off when you’re parked.

    There’s a place in Kaş that makes customised seat covers out of whatever material you choose. There must be somewhere like that near you if not in Dalaman then in Fethiye or Ortaca.

    • Hi John,

      Thats a thought, too get a thick towel one made up at the sani next week, I’m deffinatly converted, having the towel folded double seams to be the best for me.

      Probably Linda will be next to try out a towel….wish I did this years ago its so much better!!



  4. bobksoot: we don;t wear riding gear here, just shorts and a T-shirt. It’s just too hot.

  5. bobksoot: we don’t wear riding gear here, just shorts and a T-shirt. It’s just too hot.

  6. Is it that hot, that you still sweat when riding in just shorts and T-shirts ??


    • Hi Stan,

      Yes its that hot….the heat is much different here than Northern Europe, over 40c plus 98% humidity feels like 60c to your body, T-shirt and shorts is too much to wear some days lol..



  7. Dave, Some of the American dudes over on the ADV site recommend wearing cycle shorts with the wicking pad inside to help draw away the sweat from your but……..trying desperately not to imagine you in a pair though !! LOL

    • Hi Ian,

      MAN Pants with absorbant pads in lol….what will they think of next, pads with wings perhaps, we’re all turning into women !!

      Soooo have to change the subject, I finaly bought myself a modernish camera today…it can even take pictures indoors without a flash !!



  8. Dave:

    finally, a new camera for you. Looking forward to your NEW pictures. Grap a snap of SUE-LEE, thanks

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • Hi Bob,

      Yes a new camera….and the instructions are in English, which was a great suprise !! Might go out and play tomorrow.



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