Well, after searching for two weeks we bought a bike for Linda today. The first bike we saw today was an absolute piece of junk, the guy had advertised it on the Internet here using all false photos.

I took it for a test ride and it was rapidly apparent the bike had carburettor and gear box problems, plus needed re-spraying, we sent him on his way quickly.

Then, just riding around town we saw a nice example of a Mondial MCT 250, we had a police man friend with us, and he said:

”I can find the owner from the number plate, we will ask him if he wants to sell it.”

Just five minutes later we found the owner, and yes he wanted to sell it, I took it for a blast up the motorway and it was great, five minutes of haggling later we had a price !!


The bike is just 6 month old with barely 3,000KM (1,800 Miles) on the clock, essentially brand new and not even run in yet, the cost was 2,000 Lira (800GBP) it looks as though the guy has had a small accident on it, and not used it again since.

When we took the bike to the petrol station it took two guys with screwdrivers ten minutes to prize the filler cap off, it had rusted solid to the tank.


It will take about a week to do the paperwork and get our own number plate, we will use that time to find a set of crash bars and a top box, then its off exploring a little more of Turkey.

Linda has christened her bike ‘Montie’, I have suggested she should write her own blog, MONTIE AND ME…..A Lady’s travels by Motorcycle.


Our camera was playing up again today, so above is the manufacturers photo.



~ by travelswithmymotorbike on July 11, 2009.

18 Responses to “LINDA’S NEW BIKE”

  1. Let me be the first to wish you well with your new bike Linda…so is it around Europe on two bikes next !


    • Hi James,

      Thanks for the well wishes mate, its always great when people take the time to do it !!

      yes, could possibley be 2 bikes around Europe next time, have to wait and see.



  2. Thanks James… I am sure Montie and I will have many happy miles riding 😉


    Never ride faster than your angels can fly

  3. Never heard of it before but it’s a nice looking ride. Ride safe Linda.

    • Hi Danny,

      Thanks for the well wishes, Montie is half Chinese and half Turkish, there are lots of them running around here…simple technology that you can fix with chewing gum and a rock lol..



  4. Looks good! Are you going to bring it over? Or do I have to go all the way to Dalaman to see it?

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for the well wishes, should only take a week to do the paperwork for Montie (fingers crossed) cant go to far from town untill we get that sorted, also the MOT/road tax/insurance on mine has expired, so I have to get that renewed before I can leave town also lol…



  5. I read somewhere that the MOT in Turkey from January has become a bit more intense…….as well as a quick look at the vehicle and paper work they now check to see if the wheels go round !!!
    Who knows by the time I move out there they will be checking the brakes as well. LOL.
    Or I nearly forgot the main reason why I come on your blog !
    It was to wish Skinny Minny good luck with her new bike.

    Hopefully we should be setting off by the last week of the month..Yippeeee.

    • Hi Ian,

      Thanks for the well wishes, she is outside giving Montie yet another polish and I have had to make my own cup of tea, life will never be the same again !!

      Turkish MOT…..introduced 3 years back, the first MOT was an emissions test basicaly, that got all the smoke belching cars of the road, but phase two that started in January is near European standard MOT, it cost Mick thousands to get his Landy through a couple of months back.

      Good luck on your bike trip Ian, your Tigers looking good, saw a nice one for sale here, black with yellow stripes full kit etc. are you going to share your route yet or is it still secret !



  6. Hurrah!!! At last! She’ll be whizzing around all over now – tell her to be careful! Having to make your own cup of tea………that’s not good!

    Route not a secret – maps keep playing up, plus Ian keeps “adding” new roads he’s found so have to keep changing it. Just finished a trial pack – not much room for me! Even harder to get on and off now – especially when I get in trouble if I so much as touch the seat with my boot!!

    • Hi Bev,

      Oh yes…Seat/side pannel scuffing is a crime here also, just ask Linda !!

      packing…..What fun that was every morning trying to get it all to fit in again lol, nothing went back in the same way two days running lol….Well as your route is still a secret, if you are crossing to France, (if your going through France) book the train early on the internet, much cheaper !!



  7. Congrats on the new wheels Linda, happy motoring !!

  8. Thank you Stan, very kind of you..I have a blog up and running just. please pop by one day and take a look…

  9. Congratulations Linda on your new ride…enjoy and ride safely…Dave, job well done in finding Montie..a good catch I think…
    Hey Linda, you look good on that bike…just be careful and enjoy.

    • Hi Baron,

      Glad your back mate……Yes, Montie was a very good catch, only 3k on the clock and just 800 pounds (1200USD) There are just a couple of rattles and niggles but I’m working my way through them, Montie is getting quieter by the day !!



  10. Dave, I’ve trouble posting on your blog for some time, even last night…finaly got through this morning…yours is one I enjoy
    I think the hitch is fixed now
    Cheers…you couldn’t buy that bike here for that kind of money

    • Hi Baron,

      Internet Gremlins……..I have some trouble, from time to time posting on Bobscoots and John McClanes, dunno why !!

      Speaking of John, I think we will be heading up his way soon for a visit, might take in Patara on the way and see how the site excavations are comming along, last year they uncovered the Worlds oldest lighthouse.



  11. Hey dave..I think I goit it figured out now…we’ll see what happens…sounds like should be an interesting trip…make sure Linda takes her time on the ride…ie don’t push the limit

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