Barış ile ilgili daha fazla? IRON BUTT

Baris and I talked about doing an IRON BUTT ride many times last year, but in Turkey it is impossible to do because of the speed limit and the awful roads and drivers.


The rules for the 1,000 mile  (1,600Km) are timed start and finish, ATM recipets or petrol station receipts, and witnesses, the rules say you must not go over the speed limit of the country, so 1600Km in 24 hours is almost impossible here.


The route: Canakkale to Ignomentsia (Greece) and back to Istanbul, or Canakkale, easy because  of fantastic roads, cheap petrol and safe drivers. The end of September or October would be a good time, the tourists have gone home and its not too hot.



Biz bir DEMİR Butt geçen yıl, ancak Türkiye bu hız sınırı nedeniyle yapmak ve kötü yolları mümkün değildir ve sürücüler birçok kez yolculuk yapıyor konuştum.

1000 mil (1600 Km) için kuralları, başlangıç ve bitiş, ATM recipets veya benzin istasyonu makbuzları zamanlı ve tanıkların, kuralları siz ülkenin hız sınırı üzerinde, bu nedenle 1600Km 24 saat içinde hemen hemen burada imkansız gitmek gerektiğini söylüyorlar .

Rota: Çanakkale Ignomentsia (Yunanistan) ve arka İstanbul veya Çanakkale, fantastik yollar, ucuz benzin ve güvenli sürücüler nedeniyle kolay. Eylül veya Ekim sonu iyi bir zaman olabilir, turistler ev ve çok sıcak değil gitti.



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29 Responses to “Barış ile ilgili daha fazla? IRON BUTT”

  1. Good luck with that. I have thought of doing one myself. If I do it will be well earned because the Suzuki Savage is one motorcycle named after it’s seat. It’s a Savage to sit on for very long.

    • Hi Danny,

      We discussed it at great lengths last year, but its just to dangerous here, then riding through Greece a few weeks ago on fantastic roads the idea was reborn.

      Seats…..the Transalp seat is a lovely armchair for the first 500km then it starts to change to a bloody bed of nails by 800km….never got any further than 850km in one day, that was 2 up. I think having the whole seat to myself and being able to move around might take the pain away.

      Good luck with yours Danny, is using a sheep skin or Hemmariod cusion cheating ?? lol…



  2. I thought my eyes had gone funny at first, then I realised you wrote the bottom half in a foreigen language lol….why?

    So 6 weeks sat on a bike was not enough torture for you lol…


    • Hi james,

      I wrote part of it in Turkish to invite Baris along, it was his idea last year, I feel like a challenge, a manly macho challange of self !!



  3. You are right, a 1,000 mile/1,600km in 24 hour ride in Turkey would be very difficult, but it is possible. The list of finishers in Turkey can be found at:

    there are several Turkey finishers (I was there for one of the rides).

    Also, you might want to ask over at they have a few riders that have done it.

    Every time I have crossed over to Greece the border takes forever, have they speed that up? That would really hurt to burn an hour at the border there…

    I would love to hear how it comes out if you go for it!


    • Hi Mike,

      I was on your website only 2hours ago (Spooky) a small group of us have been talking about it for a year now, but we can not make the maths work in Turkey:

      Speed limit in Turkey is 70 KPH……….1,600Km divided by 24 hours = 67KPH

      It means near constant speeding to achieve 1600km in 24 hours if you want petrol, food, a fag, rest and a pee lol. The police here get crate loads of radar guns delivered daily now it seams, and the fines (On the spot) are getting high now.

      Nobody in our riding group wants to pay out hundreds of Dollars in fines or risk theır licence, the easy days here are going rapidly. By having part of the route in Greece where the speed limit is 130KPH and the roads are the best in Europe, we have a good chance !

      I went through the border a couple of weeks ago, 10minutes to get out, and 40minutes to get back in, fast for Turkey lol.



  4. Iron butt fotograflar varmı? Yok!

    Bu Suzuki satılık. Çok hesaplı. Büyük tekerlekleri, büyük motor istiyorum.

    • Bonjour John,

      Pas de photos parce que je ne l’avez pas fait encore, j’ai été Baris demandant s’il veut se joindre à moi dans la tentative du mois prochain, dois-je en déduire que vous avez votre permis de conduire et triés souhaitent faire l’essai et être certifiée folle lol.

      À la vôtre

      Dave ..

      • SORRY everyone for all the different languages on this post, and in the comments, but we have just found GOOGLE TRANSLATE and its the ‘Toy of the Week’ lol…

  5. You mean the 4 lane highway from Istanbul east toward Greece is 70kph? People were doing more like 180kph (I understand that is clearly not legal). If the border is that fast, it does make sense to cross over. It is funny, my impression of most of the Greek roads is that they were slower then most roads in Turkey where cruising at 100+ kph seems to be the norm in the central part of the country.


    • Hi Mike,

      Yep, 70KPH (43 MPH) for bikes, if your caught doing 180KPH you will be selling at least one kidney to cover that fine.

      They have built a new road straight across Greece, its 95% complete 3 weeks ago when I was there. It stretches from Turkey all the way to the West coast of Greece, its brand new and perfect, but no petrol stations yet, I was in the slow lane cruising at 140KPH !!



  6. I was on it last year (well, the sections that were complete) it is also a great and fun ride yet lets you make good time. Well, this is exciting, isn’t it?!

    • Yes, hopefully Baris will say yes and come along on his Africa Twin, if not I will do it alone anyway.

      I e-mailed IB UK today asking where I pay and get certified, my witness will be Hamit in Canakkale, he’s a mad biker and moderates Turkeys largest bike website, about 54,000 members he keeps an eye on, if I remember right, a good quality witness for start and finish.



  7. They do the UK rides, this ride should go to:

    Iron Butt Association
    PO Box 4223
    Lisle, IL 60532 USA

    although if you send it to Roger in the UK that is OK also.

    we are set-up to take paypal, Visa, and Mastercard, you pay after we verify the ride so do not send anything along.


    • Thanks for the info Mike, I will probably send it to Roger in UK then, our experiece of the post from here to the States is almost a month but its only 7 to 10 days for UK.

      Its comming together more already, thanks for your help.



  8. Hi David,
    I read all the comments. When do you want to ride for iron butt. İt’s really hard for me nowadays, I’ll be very busy until end of August. And also you know it’s very hot so I think best time for doing this is end of the september.

    • Hi Baris,

      Good man, I knew you were tough enough to do this 🙂

      Yes, the end of September will be good, too hot now…….Next time you are in Dalaman we can discuss everything, Teo has our mobile number he will give it to you, have you looked at the route ?? Canakkale – Ignoumenitsia – Canakkale = about 1650km.

      The man writing in the comments here last night (Micheal Kneebone) he is the President of Iron Butts in America.



  9. Hi Dave,
    I looked at the route, but the problem is I need lots of paperworks for this route. Visa, national drivin license etc.The route inside Turkey is Better for me but as you say we can discuss this face to face when I come to Dalaman.

    • Hi baris,

      If your licence is the same as mine, plastic like a credit card size with a photo…it is valid for one year in all European countries, you dont need international driving permit.

      If you have been abroad before and made no problem then second time visa is easy.

      All you need to cross into Greece is:

      Green card insurance (Cheap and easy)
      Normal driving licence
      Original bike paperwork (You have that already)

      I did it one month ago, it is easy !!



  10. Dave – thinking you’ll need to give up smoking then!!

    • LOL….Linda nags at my for smoking whilst riding along because the wind blows the ash in her face lol…..riding alone on the Iron Butt will be better (No nagging) lol..



  11. デイブ-たばこをやめるにして考える必要があります!

    Hey, I found your “new toy” too!!! Cool!

    • It’s great isn’t it, why bother going to uni to learn a language, I feel so educated now lol..



  12. Good luck if you go for it guys and as per my email, if i can helpo in anyway just ask

    • Hi Roger,

      Thanks for the offer of help, much appreciated, read all the rules (So many) twice over now, and since cigerettes don’t come under banned substances…..I’m in !! lol..

      Cheers, will be intouch soon,


  13. After the milage you did around europe, a thousand should be just a quiet day out…….Best of luck.

    • Hi Frank,

      Thanks for the well wishes mate, perhaps I should do it now in high summer to make it more difficult lol…



  14. …with perhaps a couple of extra pullovers on lol..


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