With the last microns of rubber used up on Saturdays trip to Marmaris, the steel mesh was now showing through. I can’t squeeze any more life out of the rear, so off to Fethiye today to have a new tyre fitted.


The new Metzler I ordered a week or so ago was there waiting for me.


The wheel went off to the sani for the tyre change and re-balance.


Following on from the debate on here regarding scooter Vs bike, you can really see the difference in wheel sizes when mine were placed on the scooter for the trip to the sani.


You can see the steel mesh poking through on the above photo, it was a good tyre, RIP old Friend. I explained to the manager, who fortunately speaks English that the blue liquid was to remain inside the inner tube because I cant buy any more  SLIME in Turkey.




We stopped for a ciggie at our usual place, but unfortunately there was a stall there, and Linda being a woman, like most women can never pass up a shopping opportunity, more bracelet’s.



Heading back home, tomorrow or Wednesday the bike is going to the paint shop to have the stone chips and minor scratches that we collected on our six week trip sprayed over.




~ by travelswithmymotorbike on June 29, 2009.

24 Responses to “NEW TYRES AT LAST”

  1. Great site, I now have you bookmarked to come back again.

  2. They look like tractor tyres on that scooter. I’m depressed. I don’t like my scooter anymore. I have to do soemthing about my licence.

    • Hi John,

      Yes it really brings home the difference in size etc. Made a little progress today towards Lindas 250 bike, a Turkish freind phoned up on our behalf, and so far we have haggled the price down to 1600 lira (600 quid) The bike is at the sani being ”Fettled” at the moment so hopefully I will get a test run on it by the end of the week, if not we will carry on looking around next week.

      Yes get your licence sorted , there are plenty of cheap Turkish and Chinese bikes out there, it does not matter if they fall to bits after 5 years, at these prices its cheap disposable riding !!



      PS..Comments are not working on your blog again.

  3. *something

  4. Slime? Inner tube? What’s all that about then? I’m pretty sure that the Metezeler’s on my bike are tubeless?

    • Hi Nikos,

      Some Metzelers are tubeless and some are not, to confuse matters more you can also put a tube in tubless…….The slime was that expensive blue liqued I bought whilst in UK that sits inside either your tubed or tubeless tyres waiting for a puncture, then seals the puncture from the inside, so the makers claim.

      I think it works, because when we were riding along in the South of France the back end was suddenly soft and heavey, I pulled into a service station to check the rear tyre and it had deflated from 3bar to 2 bar, I reflated the tyre to 3bar and its been fine ever since, I assume the Slime worked !!

      If you tap in SLIME on Youtube, you will find the companys demo video, its very impessive driving over nails..



  5. Hi Dave

    Yes, I had associated slime with mountain biking!I’d always wondered what it did to the balance of the wheel at high speed – presumably it is centrifuged out in a uniform manner but life never seems so simple in practice.
    Do you need tubes because you have spoked wheels? In that case I probably need them too but I have a few more miles left in my Metzelers. I worry about tubes on bikes due to their tendency to rapidly deflate – I guess that’s where the slime comes in!

    Bye for now, N

    • Hi Nikos,

      I noticed the ride was a little lumpy for the first 30 seconds in a morning but after that, or when you get up to speed it smooths out, as you say the centrifugal forces would spread it out.

      Tubes or tubeless is nothing I have ever thought much about, though I do like to let my tyres down to 20psi off-road, I dont know if you can ride on low pressure with tubeless, every bike I have ever owned has come with tubes in.



  6. Hello Dave,

    I started reading your blog at work today, I am finding your trip very interesting to read, I am up to day 5 of your Europe trip, hopefully it will be a slow day at work again tomorrow and I can read some more lol.


    • Hi James,

      Glad you like the Europe trip posts, your not alone reading at work, most my readers do that lol…..when the recession ends I will have no readers left lol….



  7. Its a sad relection on Croatia about the cheating people there, at least you were not stung as much as we were…..would you ever ride that way again or has it put you off the Balkans forever?


    • Hi James,

      I would like to ride around the Balkans again but not alone, I was cheated, you were cheated and Andy was cheated. Thats a definite pattern of Croatia, perhaps we three were just unluky but I dont think so !!

      I would ride there again but with another biker or two, that might make the thieves think twice before taking on 2 or 3 bikers, the odds would be in our favour !!



  8. It cant be said that you didn’t get your moneys worth out of your old tyre lol..


  9. I find you site today. very good inform about transalp and road trip 🙂

    • Hi Boris,

      Welcome to the blog, you are the first Russian man to make a comment.



  10. I am nearly half way through reading your Europe trip Dave, very good sense of humour you have old boy !


  11. you could have got another 10,000km out of that tyre…..have you been to India Ha,Ha,Ha


  12. Hello

    I like Your blog. It is interesting and quirky lol

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