Mick and I decided to ride to Marmaris today for the Annual bike rally, Ersin was supposed to meet us at the BP station at 08.00. We expected him to be late because there is TIME, and there is Turkish Time, we faffed about with our tyre pressures while we waited on him, anyway  at 08.15 we set off without him.


We plodded along slowly at a steady 80KPH, both of us yawning every minute, 15 minutes later we stopped for a ciggie break, and I noticed my bikes  reflection on Mick’s engine chrome.


Two more ciggie stops later we arrived at the outskirts of Marmaris where the Jandarma were pulling everyone over to check documents, I had all mine so 10 seconds later they were done with me, but Mick forgot his passport so they spent 5 minutes on the computer checking he was Bona Fide. I spent the time chatting to one of the police men who liked bikes, and he gave us the directions to the bike rally, good man.


We found the organisers of the bike rally, Marmaris Riders, and they were giving away free stuff, Mick and I both like free stuff, so we relieved them of T-shirts, baseball caps, scarfs, pens and stickers. With our wardrobes now sorted for the next 5 years, we stuffed our booty (English meaning) in to our panniers and rode down to Bar Street where the rally was to be held.

Both Mick and I wandered how can you have a bike rally in Bar Street, its just a collection of very narrow ally ways that are pedestrian only, intrigued we rode along the marina to Bar Street.


We rode up and down Bar Street, round and round until we found the bike rally…….One bike !!


We parked up and asked one of the tourist police officers if we were in the right place…..Yes we were !!   Disillusioned we looked for a cafe/bar to have a drink, the day was warming up rapidly and I drink water like a sweating Camel.

Both Mick and I have been to Marmaris many times, we know it to be a Rip-off town, therefore we were careful, all we wanted was two beers and a bottle of water where the cost  didn’t equal the National debt of America, this years scam is a smudgy mark by the prices to make you think you are paying Turkish Lira, but then the bill turns up in either Euros or Pounds 150%  difference.

After 15 minutes walking around in a town with a thousand bars and cafes we found one, agreed the price, agreed the currency, agreed the beer, agreed the bottle size……Wow, had we found an honest establishment??………No, we were ripped off  on the  glass of  water !!


We recognised these guys, well the Goldwing really, from last years bike rally in Datca, that rally had bikes, they explained to us that the bike rally is at midnight until 4AM,  in Bar street, where you cant take your bikes, everyone gets drunk, then you ride home.

Mick and I decided that getting pissed and riding back at 4AM was not for us, change of plan, we will have a look at Marmaris castle, then get a bite to eat and head back home after.







The original Marmaris castle was besieged and damaged by Alexandre the Great, then in 1522 the castle was rebuilt by the Ottoman  Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent, in 1979 the Turkish Ministry of Cultre have under taken a restoration of the castle, as you can see from the photos they have done an excellent job.


Upon leaving the marvelous castle we wandered around looking for something to eat, just a burger or a kebab is all we wanted.



Over an hour later, being unable to find a burger or kebab for less than the price of a new car, we decided the sensible thing to do, was to ride one and a half  hours to a kebab shop where we knew we were not being ripped off, so off we rode. I thought I would try to take pictures myself as we were riding along, its a little more tricky than I  first  thought.



We had an emergency stop at the roadside when Mick was stung in the lower leg by a Bee, a ciggie soon took the pain away.



Back on the road again I was really getting into taking photos whilst riding, though it must be said that my 11 year old digital camera with its ancient steam driven processor struggled greatly.





Then I got really confident taking photos on the move.




I think my birthday present this year to me, from me, cos I love me, will be a modern digital camera. We had our kebabs then parted company, a nice days ride, and including our own two, we saw five bikes at the rally !!



~ by travelswithmymotorbike on June 27, 2009.

12 Responses to “SO, WHERE’S ALL THE BIKES THEN??”

  1. so far so good.

    • Hi Berge,

      I thought you were off on a ride to oregan this weekend or have you completed it already ?



  2. I’ve never seen metal paniers on a cruiser. The look great too! Very surprising.

    Where can you find them? Did you make your own?

    • Hi Mark,

      The metal panniers were made for the Yamaha by the same man who made mine in Ortaca, the difference was an extra 2 days to polish up the stainless steel to look like chrome.

      Here in Turkey it is quite often much cheaper to take drawings and mesurements down to the industrial area and have things made.



  3. What’s with the 7th photo up……………ya poser !!
    Be very carefull or I’ll start calling you Steve !!

    • Hi Ian,

      7th photo from the bottom = me riding along……………..When I get myself a new camera the next lot of photos will be much better, if I resemble ”Steve,” or even if GQ and Vouge magazine sign me up……..then its just a cross I will have to bare !!

      Whens your bike trip starting??



  4. Hi Dave, the ride got cancelled after my son called in to say, he need to stay there 2 more days as they won the second match so they’re in for the National tomorrow…never a dull moment…just did some local ride here….to South Surrey and back.
    Love this post excellent pics mate

    • Hi Berge,

      Sorry your trip got cancelled mate……life huh, it just gets in the way of everything, at least you got a ride out though !!



  5. Turkey looks such a beautiful place to live, well done on taking those photos your self whilst riding along, I don’t think I could do that, great post!!


  6. At least you and Mick have your wardrobes sorted for 5 years lol..


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