When we parted from John the other day he invited us over to his village, assuming he really meant the invitation, we text him last night that we were coming over today. It must have been the butlers day off, because he never picked up his mobile phone until today, after a flustered phone call we were set to meet up with John after getting the bike serviced in Fethiye.




A warm humid day today, we rode slowly to fethiye, I have not used the front brake since Greece because it squeals alarmingly and has little braking force, I assumed the old brake pads had worn down and there was metal to metal contact on the disc. The speedo also stopped working over a week ago, plus I need a new back tyre, therefore we are off to Honda Fethiye for new brake pads and tyre etc.



We chatted about the trip when we arrived then the mechanic set too, I also asked him to reduce the pre-load on the rear shock, now I’m not carrying around half a ton of camping gear and stuff,  it can be slacked off now.



In the front wheel hub there is a kind of clutch and gear wheel  assembly for the speedo drive, this had become gunked up with road crap etc, once cleaned the speedo worked again, great, nothing broken so no new parts to buy.


The same story with the two front brake callipers, completely gunked up with road crap and grit, once stripped and cleaned the pistons moved easily again and the embedded grit was picked out, the original brake pads from the factory went back in again, new pads not required, lesson learned…….Clean the bike more often !!

I ordered a new Metzler for the rear, that will arrive in a few days, I could have had a cheaper brand  of tyre today, but the Metzlers are the best on the roads for adventure bikes. I was pleased with the price also, 100 Pounds, its only 10 Pounds more expensive than UK, by the time the tyre is fitted and balanced the price will be very similar to UK because labour is cheaper here.

The six week tour around Europe has only cost me 7 Pounds (20 lira) in maintenance now, just to clean all the crap off, nothing has broken or come loose on the bike, the tyre would have been changed any way because it was wearing before the trip began, so all in all I am very pleased today.


It feels so good to be able to use the front brake again, we headed towards Kas to meet John.



High humidity today, we were just sweating buckets, so  made use of the free road side water fountains.



We met John by the road side kebab vans, then followed him in to the village.





After being introduced to the infamous village Vespa, we parked up and had lunch.



After lunch, a walk through the village back to johns house.




I love these old Jawa’s, this was an up market model  complete with soft panniers and a custom seat.





The view from John’s terrace was quite something.



Riding up the hills surrounding the village we came across an old cistern still full of water, the date enscribed above said 1554, there is also a tablet with an Arabic inscription.





Nearby was an old traditional Turkish house, I wonder if the lateral  and vertical placing of wood in the stone walls is an early earthquake stabilisation technique.




Linda then tried her hand at ”arty” photos.




Once at the top of the hills we stopped for some much needed water again.




We followed John down in to the valley.






We stopped by what looked like a Vietnamese village, and speaking to one another with helmets on a period of confusion began…

”What are these John” ??

”Whore houses”

”Sorry, what was that”

”Whore houses”

”Are they still in use” ?


”Really,  who would  come all the way up here for a woman” ??


”Would you fancy it in there, I would’nt”

”What” !!

”What” ??

Upon on removing our helmets these little buildings turned out to be STORE HOUSES.




It was decided that we take the back roads back to Fethiye, the gravel road was hard going for both of us, I normally ride on gravel roads but with a balding back tyre the experience was not pleasant, the back end was all over the place. John too found the going tough because of the small wheels on his scooter, we both had to go slow and consequently were over taken by trucks, in a cloud of chocking dust.



We about turned and took the road back to Johns village.



We parted company by the kebab vans as the sun began setting, then we headed back to Dalaman.





It was a great day out, John was a marvelous host, but time to go home before it gets too dark.




Foot note :

We heard from Jaq yesterday (The chap who joined us on the 2nd leg of our tour) his bike has now broken down for a second time, he still has not left UK, the first time was the BMW shaft drive, and last week it was the rear suspension, he says he no longer trusts the bike and is cancelling his tour. It’s a real shame for him and Lin they were both looking forward to touring Europe by motorbike, maybe next year.

~ by travelswithmymotorbike on June 24, 2009.

29 Responses to “A SCOOTER IN TURKEY (PAR DEUX)”

  1. Not finished yet?

    • Hi John,

      Yes…Not finished yet, 185 photos taken yesterday, thankfully we only brought one camera with us, if I had brought my camera aswell, it would have been 250 photos !!



  2. Dave
    Do Fethiye Honda bring cups of tea whilst you wait for the bike to be serviced?
    There’s “free” coffee at the BMW dealer in Oxford it’s just that the labour rates seem to be £100 per hour….

    • Hi Nikos,

      They do indeed bring you either tea, coffee or water, 100 Pounds an hour labour rate at BMW is just day light robbery mate.



  3. Very intriguing pictures.

    Ride on,

    • Hi Torch,

      Thanks…You just never know what you will find on the back roads.



  4. Dave & Linda, really enjoyed this post and will be back on the weekend to comment on the other stuff I’m still reading…meantime have a look at:
    New post

    • Hi Berge,

      Glad you like it, it was a great day out…….the link you sent does not work mate..



  5. Just found your blog. I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to reading more.

  6. My first comment got cut off a little early. I meant to add something about having many more safe miles.

  7. The light near sunset is amazing – reminds me of Asia Minor!


    • Hi Nikos,

      When they have sand storms in Syria and Jordan etc the sunsets here are amazing..



  8. Dave & Linda…Linda & Dave…. (Don’t want to be sexist here…lol
    just finished re-reading this lovely, exciting post full of fun…
    Linda…where did you get these lovely walking sticks you so garciousely exhibit…I’ve always been a leg man…and how do you get away with it when most other females seem to be covered up…I’m saying, with no malicious intent here…Dave is one hell of a lucky bastard to have you and to keep you awake on the road for six weeks….Oops…family scene to errupt here today…! C I told so…no you didn’t…yes I did…no you didn’t yes I did….
    just pulling your leg…wish I was…but will leave that to Dave…lol

    You 2 sure seem to have given John a run for his money and he enjoyed it…as he had to rush around taking a shower…cologne not being available in your neck of the woods…at least not at his price…, clean the house, wash his sandals…etc…..but all kiding apart…you seem to have had a wonderful day… which is great

    Kebabs are my favorite…there is another special kebab dish called Kazan Kebab…which consists of the kebads stuffed in Tomatoes and egg plants…or aubergines as you Brits call them and it’s cooked in a casserole…over low heat until all the juices blend…It is an anatolian delight…not sure if you had it or not but do ask your local friends about it…as Winston Churchill would say…if you do have a friend that is…lol

    I was wondering when you guys were going to get around to changing your tires as they looked dangerous before you left Turkey….good thing you are looking after this now…a bit late mind you….

    Back to John…now that I’ve read your post…he doesn’t need a more powerful Scooter…cause the wheel/tire size will be essentially the same…he needs a motor bike…to be able to tackle the road conditions…I believe in calling a spade a spade or as we say her in North America… a C…t a C..t
    no mincing of words necessary.

    As for the whore houses, they all look the same from Istanbul to Calcutta…trust me I know…I’ve seen them and probably have some pic somewhere to prove it…just sad state of affairs.
    You guys keep well, thanks for the most enjoyable of posts…Blessings n


    • Hi Berge,

      That was a comment and a half, I will try to answer your questions…

      Scooter wheel sizes…..Yes thats the biggest problem with scooters, the small wheels make them unstable at speed and you can just forget about off-road riding, however this is the land of scooters, there are 250,400,and 500cc scooters these days with almost motorbike sized wheels, but I agree with you, a motorbike would suit John better…He loves photography and exploring off the beaten track, a light weight 250cc 19hp would be ideal for him at a minimum.

      Arms and legs uncovered……..Turkey is not like Iran, its more modern than that, only in a Mosque would it be an issue and since we are not invited inside them, its not an issue, Turkey is a major holiday destination and Turkish people are well accostomed to Brits half naked on the beaches..

      New tyre goes on Monday…Yeah !!



  9. Berge is going for the Orwell prize!

    As I’ve been taught “powerpoint” at work I would paraphrase as follows;

    he fancies your partner/wife

    he likes a bit of kebab

    he thinks tread on tyres is good

    he know a whore house when he sees one.

    PS above mean’t in humour…

    Regarding Joh’s perceived “problem” – I would have thought a large wheel 600 cc scooter would have been good – one of the UK bike mags swears by them and they hold their own on European touring!

    Enjoy the sunsets – I’m so jealous!


    • Hi Nikos,

      Yeah….I have concidered big scooters also, I have seen some really great looking and comfy ones here, Silverwings and the Xcitings 250 -500cc, nearly bought myself one last year, but I do like a little off-roading now and again. There is a large wheel 250 scooter here called ‘A Grand Dink’ water cooled, smooth and quiet, I forget who makes them, perhaps John has seen one about.

      Your powerpoint presentation seams correct Nikos lol……so long as his desires are for the Mrs. and not my bike….then it would be serious..lol !!



    • I forgot to say Nikos………the main reason for a bigger scooter for John is because of where we live, Turkey is very hilly and mountainous in the most part, a 125cc just struggles up the hills and mountains and can’t maintain normal road speed.

      This is when you end up in the gutter at the side, with the very inconciderate drivers we have here whooshing close past you, the bow wave of air pressure from trucks and coaches knocks you all over the place, you need something that can maintain 75KPH up hills to keep up with traffic flow….much safer !!

  10. Got it all understood…you all have a great weekend
    Ride safe..I am going for a ride from Vancouver BC to Oregon…report to follow later
    Cheers all and keep safe

  11. You really get cups of tea every place you go in Turkey??

  12. Great photos by the way, you and John live in a beautiful part of the World.


    • Cheers for that…we are spoilt really with the natural beauty that is around us.

  13. Very good photographes Dave, that looked like a great day out.

    Whore House…..Store House…Ha,Ha,Ha


    • Yes it was, its nice to ride with some one else who likes to take photos aswell, you dont feel like your holding them up then.



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