Mick was suffering from a near fatal hangover, he exhibited all the common symptoms, speech impediment, heaviness, slow movement. I called to see him today to pick up a gallon of engine oil I left at his house a few months ago, No, I don’t know why I left it there either, but I did.

This was the second day of his hangover and Mick wanted to go for a ride out to Dalyan to blow the cobwebs away, so off we rode, after first going home to pick up the helmets.


On the way to Dalyan a large coach over took Mick on a bend, a car came around the corner on the opposite side of the road forcing the coach driver to swerve in to Mick, pushing him off the road and on to the  earth……Hangover cured,  Mick’s booze soaked brain cells had now fired in to life !!


After a few moments of swearing and fist waiving we carried on to Dalyan where a white car then cut him up at a junction, never a dull moment riding in Turkey !!






There was a cool breeze coming off the sea today, only 35c, none of us normally walk more than three feet when its hot for fear of drowning in our own sweat. But today was cool, so after walking along the rivers edge we actually walked through town and up to Muf’s bar, well near Muf’s bar.


There was a new statue in town.


We collected the bikes and rode up to Muf’s, although its not hot today walking 300 meters is pushing the limits of our unfit bodies, Muf rides also and has just finished (Survived) a three week solo tour around central Turkey, we talked about bikes for an hour or so then came home, event free.

I picked up the oil from Mick’s house then went to my local mechanics for him to do an oil change on the old girl and adjust the chain.


Service, its one of the things I love about Turkey, no matter where you go, shop or business, there are chairs and couches to sit on and tea (Chai) is brought immediately.

I happened to mention this to the mechanics when I had the bike serviced in UK a month ago, no tea came, and they looked at me as though I should be in a straight jacket.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on June 21, 2009.

4 Responses to “MICK’S HANGOVER CURE”

  1. Hi Dave
    You look happy mate…good to see Mick on here, tell the old git I’m asking after him!
    Have you been tomb raiding down Dalyan ?….I see you took help with you, spotted Lara Croft straight away stood outside of Muf’s Bar.
    I heard she was out of action for a while with burnt feet.
    The B.R.P.S ( Bev’s route planning system ) has been doing some pre-trip work for me….you know what I mean, It’ll be right sort of thing !!

    • Hi Ian,

      Yeah burned foot and sore bum lol…….My L.P.S system crashed when she lost the map, back to being blind again now, mystery tours are more exiting though !! We are meeting up with John today, I hope he has some good news about a Carnet, a trip to Syria is now in the planning stage 🙂 Since your going to be retired any day now Ian with time on your hands did you know it only takes 6 months to ride around the World if you take the Russia/USA route, that will be a project for your B.R.P.S to calculate, my L.P.S has now crashed !!



  2. LOL…being run down by a coach would wake me up as well lol….


    • A scary moment but we were laughing about it 5 minutes later lol..



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