I took some photos of the bike the following day, partly as a souvenir of the trip, and partly as a testament to how robust these bikes are. I have done week long trips on bikes in my now distant youth, and here in Turkey on other bikes, when I returned home I would have to tighten this or that, and even replace bits that dropped off.


The front four brake pads  have worn away and need replacing.


Literally thousands of  bugs have met their end on the windscreen that it has turned grey with dried on blood.



Lastly the poor back tyre has very little tread left after all the work it has done in the past six weeks hauling a wardrobe of Linda’s cloths and shoes around Europe, it was an old tyre to begin with !!



There are also a couple of stone chips here and there that I will get sprayed over.


As one journeys through life, getting older and supposedly wiser, a great deal of cynicism is also acquired, but from our experience of this 6 week trip, the kindness of strangers has renewed our faith in human kind. We have met so many great people who have not only just pointed us in the right direction but gone out of their way to show us or help us along.

You can plan a trip all you want, but stuff will just happen to you regardless, if  I had chosen the clinical way to travel and bought a GPS while I was in UK, which I nearly did, then we would not have been lost so often and consequently would not have met so many great people, this very much added to our experience of travelling by motorcycle.

There are only two ways to travel this planet to see and feel everything, on foot, or on two wheels, you are unshielded and exposed to the elements and people (Not always a good thing mind) of where ever it is you travel through. I think when people see you on a bike they are more willing to help you, because they can see how vulnerable you are, fellow bikers, and truckers are the Saints of the road !!

Will we do another bike trip ?…………..It can’t come soon enough !!

Will we take the same poorly planned approach?…………..You bet!!



~ by travelswithmymotorbike on June 19, 2009.

4 Responses to “THE AFTERMATH”

  1. Good to read you’re back safe after having had a great trip. I noticed you skipped Morocco, but I’ll bet you’ll do that on a next trip! Thanks for the reports and the pictures, Cheers, Wim

    • Hi Wim,

      We wanted to go to Morocco but when we reached the port near Gib, we could not find a ticket agent who was honest and would give me a true price for the ferry, 300+Euro was tooooooooooooooooo much !!

      Perhaps next year I might try again…



  2. yes these big road trips can really be life changing events…what next then Dave..


    • My ultimate dream is to ride around the World, but dont think I have the balls for that yet..



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