We decided to stay on at the pension, the unpronounceable named Greek town was friendly and easy, the owner of the Internet cafe gave me a discount which meant I could spend hours updating this blog, I sat for 11 straight hours one evening and he charged me for just 3 hours. The days were spent at the beach just relaxing, Linda is tired now and wants to get back to Turkey, but although I am tired also, I don’t really want the tour to end yet, it some how feels unfinished to me, I have about 10 days left on my Green Card, we could for example go in to Bulgaria easily from here.









It was a welcome break from the dust and heat of the roads and I also got about four or five posts written up, but time to move on, I am feeling really disappointed to be heading home, I think its Morocco that is messing with my head, the tour around Europe was for Linda, the Morocco part was for me, there was no way I would have paid 300 euros to those thieving bastards to cross from Spain on the ferry, for me Morocco is going to remain unfinished business and hence the disappointment. Perhaps once back in Turkey I might enquire about riding to Syria and Jordan to compensate myself for Morocco, but riding in to Syria is not a strait forward affair because of visa and Carnet issues.

With help from the Pension owner we managed to get in touch with Sakis by phone, but he and his motorbike club were on a camping trip in the South of  Greece.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on June 17, 2009.

9 Responses to “DAYS 40/41 – MORE LAZY BEACH TIME”

  1. Syria’s good. Visa’s not a problem. I don’t about carnets yet.

    • Hi John,

      How was your trip, is it good to be back in the land of cheap ciggies once again……….I asked a Turkish friend to phone up the Carnet people here, but unfortunaly he only managed to find fools on the end of the phone and we learned nothing, perhaps you will have more luck !!



  2. I don’t know about carnets yet.

  3. My Syria scotoer trip is planned..

    • Hi john,

      Hmmm…..interesting, do you fancy any company riding in Syria…tell me more……

  4. A slow trip to Antep. I want to go back to Zeugma and there’s another place on the Euphrates I want to see. Plus I know a good cheap hotel in Antep. Then via Kilis to Aleppo. And Latakia on the coast. I didn’t get there in March. If you don’t have a carnet you have to pay import duty for the bike at the border. Non-refundable.

    Company welcome. But could you keep up with a 125cc scooter?

    • Hi John,

      I will look up the places you mentioned later, getting the bike in is the main hurdle, I think the import duty on a 13,000 lira bike might be expensive, obviously I will lie and say she’s worth only 200 Dollars, but will they believe me??

      From research late last year I think the imort duty for me came to 150 euros, but now I cant remember why I think that, or where I found it out, Do you have any Turkish friends who can sort a cheap Carnet, mine got no where when I tried last year.

      Hmmm…….keeping up with a 125cc scooter, if you were Italian John I would say I could not, but since your English and value your life, I think it will be Ok lol…

  5. Relaxing after Rome lol…..Syria hey,interesting !!

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