It’s great to be back in Greece, cheap petrol, cheap ciggies,  cheaper food and fantastic roads, we hope to meet up again with Sakis and Dakis the Greek bikers we met here before.



Not only did we both memorise which car deck the bike was on but actually wrote it down in my note book, G3. No wandering around acres of ship this time in a desperate search for the old girl, other bikes had come on board after us last night, they were Greek and German bikers. We mentioned to the Greek bikers pictured below that we had met a Greek bike club on our first visit here and chatted generally, one of them then presented  me with a Greek sticker for the pannier, they noticed we had stickers from just about everywhere but not a GR one yet.



On leaving the ship we called in to the port town itself for petrol, I did not fill up in Italy because the petrol in Greece is one of the cheapest in Europe at 0.95 Euro per litre.


The petrol station attendant was very interested in where we had been and what we had seen, we chatted with him for some time and even got our large map out to show him the places. Our mission today was to reach Thessaloniki, a very large town or city situated almost half way across Greece, on our first journey across Greece almost 6 weeks prior, the main road between Thessaloniki and the port had a nasty diversion up a ridiculously high mountain, so high it took you within view of St. Peter and the Gates of Heaven.



We had a very pleasant surprise, the diversion  over the mountain had finished plus   the E90 highway was now even nearer to the port, the road builders of Greece had been very busy in our absence, with the mountain pass now a distant and traumatic memory we zoomed along through tunnels blasted through the mountains.





The traffic around Thessaloniki was quite busy, after we cleared the city we stopped at burger van by the roadside, lunch was 2 Euro’s each.



Two great guys worked in the burger van, we stayed and chatted with them for over an hour about bikes, life, the universe and everything, then onwards to Kavala, somewhere around Xanthi we pulled of the highway to look for a camp for the night. The town we stayed in on the coast was not marked on our map, we did ask what the town was called ,and even wrote it down but the name was just unpronounceable to us and about 7 meters long, but a very nice place.


After a little looking around, plus some haggling we found this nice pension house for 25 euro per night, and it was  just 25 meters from the beach and in the centre of town. For some reason we have found the last week hard going, we think its the heat because 35c to 40c is very energy sapping, perhaps a few nights in a bed and being able to have a shower is whats required.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on June 15, 2009.

4 Responses to “DAY 39 – GREECE”

  1. This new road must be the Via Egnatia? Revisiting Northern Greece and Ianina is on my “to do” list as is the Peloponese – I have not yet plucked up courage to ride to Greece – obviously your blog provides me with inspiration and courage!

    • Hi Nikos,

      Yep the highway is about 95% complete now, no more mountain torture, from the port at Ig. to Ioannia is much quicker and easiers, saves a good hour of the journey time..

  2. Cheap petrol,cheap fags, cheap food, good roads…are you in Paradise…..

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