There’s a quote  ”The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry,”  could we find our way out of Pisa and on to the motorway to Rome, could we Hell !!   We looked everywhere for a road sign saying either ”Roma” or ”Autostrade”  and at 06.00 there was barley a sole to be seen to ask directions, still, we had a nice tour around the surrounding area.





The neighbouring town of Lucca.







Eventually from the neighbouring town of Lucca one of  those small green ”Autostrade” road signs appeared saving us from the Tuscan wilderness. We lost a lot of time in the early morning so there was no point being in a hurry to get to Rome now, we want to spend the whole day in Rome which means entering the city in the morning, its too late for that now, so instead we will camp on the outskirts of the city and enter tomorrow morning instead.






Trucks just do not go around bends at 130KPH very well.


We camped near Rome, not too far from the motorway, that way we could find the bloody motorway easily in the morning. In WW2 it was very common practice to not only remove road signs but to switch them around in order to confuse the enemy….I guess France and Italy think there’s another war coming, leave the motorways at your peril !!


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on June 13, 2009.

15 Responses to “DAY 36 – ON THE ROAD TO ROME”

  1. C’est formi formidable mes chers amis. Bravo!

  2. Merci Berge .. Les routes étaient confus, mais Le paysage était très beau,

  3. Hi Dave,
    I’m quite surprised you missed out riding through the Tuscany wilderness. Most bikers would sell their souls to venture through them parts.
    I take it you’ll be doing some serious resting now and how did the bike fare up ?

    • Hi Ian,

      The Tuscan thing was missed out that day because after we visit Rome we kinda have to head back on our selves up through Italy to catch the ferry back to Greece from Ancona, we could have caught the boat from Brindisi but we liked the long boat ride from Ancona because its a chance to rest.

      The bike never missed a beat, just two small problems, the speedo broke again a few days from home, its that little plastic gear wheel in the hub again probably, and my back tyre is now a racing slick. We have not rested since being back, we have 2,600 photos to sort through, two of the photo cards got mixed up on the road so the pics are just all over the place once we put them on our computers, the old girl will be going in for a service in the next week or two plus a damn good clean, in the mean time I am updating this blog from my note book, note book as in paper and pen not a laptop thing.



  4. (the old girl will be going in for a service in the next week or two plus a damn good clean,)..just in case of any confusion..dave means the BIKE..NOT ME 🙂

  5. Wow, Dave…your French is impeccable…you’re impressing me more and more each day…BTW, just read you have 2600 pictures to sort through…that’s a lot of work…outta keep ya out of trouble for a while,I suppose… Hopefully you will turn this into a detailed account with juicy details, like what you had for breakfast, lunch, dinner and what it cost and so on…so far it’s a very intersting read

    • Hi Berge,

      We must confess…the French is via Google translate, but unfortunatly does not work for greek or Turkish, the photos are just a nightmare, breakfast and lunch details are easy, its the same every day…No breakfast and lunch is always a sandwich from a petrol station, eating in Europe mate is so expensive we always tried to find a supermarket most evenings, the photos in the blog of cakes,frankfurters and yoghurts is basicaly what we eat every day and that would cost between 10 – 15 Euro. Eating cheap in Europe works out about 20 – 25 Euro a day for two people, cafes and resturants are unthinkable at 35 -65 Euro a day (70 -100 USD) in mainland Europe, Greece is cheaper though.

      Thanks for the tip, I will go back and insert more details next week once I have the blog up to date.



  6. Linda, love your comment on the Old girl needing a wash…LMAO
    Cheers girl.

  7. Dave + Linda…you done a good job of it….I mean with the French…lol
    I’m surprised to hear how expensive food is in Europe…that’s a lot of money for what you had to eat…Supermarkets is the way to go for sure.
    I’m enjoying the read(s)

    • Hi berge,

      We had a meal at mcDonalds just a couple of times, 2 small burgers (very small),2 small chips,2 small cokes in France 18 Euro (27 USD) and in Italy was 16 Euro….soooo expensive. These days touring Europe, staying at hotels or pensions and eating at cafes or resturants is only for millionairs lol……And Jesus the price of ciggies there..



  8. Dave + Linda
    That’s so expensive it’s almost a crime to spend the money on represents a bite and a half of chewing…hardly enough to satisfy my intestinal gastric juices…lol
    as for the price of Fags as we call them over here, you’re probably used to the cheap Turkish smokes…lol Cigs are expensive evrywhere else.
    It’s more fun camping anywyas…

    • Hi Berge,

      Yep, Fags…Ciggies…call them the same here, 6 Euro (9 USD) a packet in France, we nearly cried !!……we deffinatly have become used to the cheaper cost of living here in Turkey.



  9. Nice pics of Pisa at dawn.


    • Not often you can be alone in a major tourist town lol..



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