Guess what ?……..yep, another sleepless night listening to screaming baboons, this tour the World and meet the real people thing, its bollocks, there are just some countries, and some cultures that you really need to cocoon yourself away from the locals in a four star hotel with high walls around it, Spain is such a country.

I need ciggies and sleep to function, food and drink does not matter much to me, if I don’t have the first two then I am one grumpy bastard to be around, we were awake early and so were the Baboons, Linda went off to use the bathroom ahead of them.

Now we have been in Spain a week now, and I do try to be tolerant of other cultures (Within reason) even the local bikers do not wave or acknowledge each other here, anyway, the tent about 10 meters up from us produced a rather fat Spanish woman in a very short skirt, she said something to the others near us, the baboons briefly fell silent and one of them walked up to her, she pulled her skirt up, lent over against a tree and he helped himself for ten seconds, and when finished walked  back to the others…..It’s just like being in a wildlife  Safari park here, we left quickly !!


The storm had cleared and it was back to pleasant sunshine.


YES !!…..France, polite,  educated, cultured and friendly people, its so good to be back in a Western country, we will not be able to travel very far today because two  nights in a row with not much sleep is a little dangerous on a motorbike. We rode around 900km yesterday according to the bikes trip meter which will explain why we both ache a little today as well.

Originaly I had intended to drop in to Marsille after we turned right from Nimes but the wind comming from the sea was so strong in this area that I changed my mind and stayed inland where there was some shelter from the strong sea breeze that was hitting the bike broadside.



Today was shapping up to be a slow lazy day, we were both too tired and I kept stopping to rest, what seemed like  every few minutes, we decided to camp very early today so we could catch up on our missing sleep.


We met this nice French chap at a petrol station, Anton, I think his name was, we just casually asked him if he new any campsites nearby, he got out his mobile phone and a camping guide he kept in his bike and began phoning around the campsites  for vacancies. There was one in a town called Brignoles, we went to mark it on our map but Linda had lost our two pens, so Anton gave us a pen also, we stayed and chatted to him for a while over coffee and then carried on to Brignoles.



We slept early, and slept well.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on June 13, 2009.

11 Responses to “DAY 34 – FRANCE AND CIVILISATION”

  1. Hahahaha LMAO where you camping next to Spanish gypsies….10 seconds wow…lol
    you guys need to be very careful… it ain’t as good as it might seem…BTW wonderful pics and thoughts…I do as hell hope you brought a scrap book to take down additional thoughts…you’ve got the makings of a Hollywood story…especially with Linda having to put up with your sleep in the tent, under the stars, smell my arm pits love kinda thing….

    • Hi Berge,

      All the Spanish seem to have a gypsi streak…yes I have kept a note book, its the only way to remember things when you come to write up the post many days later….

  2. Armpits!!!! dont get me started Baron..if armpits was the only odour to worry about coming from the tent …i would be a happy girl ;)…x

  3. I re-looked at this post again…your tour is very enjoyable as it’s like reading a book of life on 2 wheels with 2 Brits, riding a Turkish licenced Bike into Europe and North Africa…but the point I noticed today is that your bike is bigger than your tent,,,lol

    • Hi Lady,

      The bikes not big enough, we could have done with bringing a dressing table, washing machine and wardrobe along for all Lindas clothes and shoes lol….

      The Turkish number plate has attracted attention from everyone, especialy police, I see the police cars and vans pull really close up behind me in my mirrors and the conversation always go like this ”What is TR” ”Its Turkey” then there is a puzzeled moment of ”This is a Turkish bike and your English” ”We are English but now live in Turkey” ”You rode this bike from Turkey” ”Yes” Then there is a thumbs up or ”Well done” The Turkish number plate really has been a positive thing.



  4. Hi linda…you’re funny…like your sense of humor…cheers
    PS: the coment above is mine, I accidentally used my wife’s ID
    Cheers guys and kee[ well…Are you back in Turkey now?

    • Hi Berge,

      Yep got back home late the other night, the blog is still a little behind but we are catching up fast…

  5. Actually.. everybody who sees us first thinks we are GERMAN..SO..we apparently… look GERMAN…ride a bike with a TURKISH number plate…are BRITISH…touring Europe….ps….and as for (The bikes not big enough, we could have done with bringing a dressing table, washing machine and wardrobe along for all Linda’s clothes and shoes lol….) My not so beloved husband wrote 😮 huh!!! i had a couple of change of clothes and shoes!! he OBVIOUSLY does not realize yet how lucky he is to have me…pps…he will when he gets NO DINNER 😛

  6. Indeed…some cultural ways we could well do without, still its all part of the experience Grasshopper!!


  7. Grasshopper lol…

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