Another sleepless night because of loud drunk Spanish people, inconsiderate, uncultured  and ill mannered people has been a steady feature of Spain, if I ride to Spain again in the future it will have to be hotels we stay in to get away from the peasants. A storm was due for today, the air was heavey and the sky overcast so I decided we should have a motorway day since the weather was not photo friendly.


There was only light traffic on the motorway today so it was safe to speed a little, we spent most of the day crusing between 130 and 140 kph at this speed we covered a lot of distance in a short time.



The rain started by mid afternoon, ı don’t mind riding in warm rain and carried on towards the border with France but later the rain became quite heavy so we came off the motorway and looked for a campsite. the campsite was quite empty when we looked around so we paid for the night, put up the tent and then rode in to town to buy food from a supermarket.

When we returned half an hour later there were half a dozen more tents and Spanish people, arm waving and talking very loudly like a Chimpanzees tea party….its going to be another noisy, sleepless night !!



~ by travelswithmymotorbike on June 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “DAY 33 – ALMOST OUT OF SPAIN”

  1. The World is full of inconciderate people making noise at all hours.

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