We want to spend the full day in Gibraltar when we reach there, we could reach Gib. by late afternoon today but have decided against that because both of us want to tour the British enclave for different reasons, Linda wants to get a photo of the monkeys if possible, and I like the big guns and the History of Empire.

Today we will pass by Malaga, near Malaga is a tiny fishing village called Nerja, well it was a tiny fishing village in the early 1980’s, we had a villa there back then, and I want to see if I can find it again today, some 25 years later.

From Mazarron we took the local roads for an hour or so then the motorway that cuts overland instead of following the coast, this motorway was a very lonely place, no petrol stations for two hundred kilometers and hardly any other vehicles. A very desolate hilly landscape, because we obviously did not know about the lack of petrol stations here I did not fill the bike up prior to entering the motorway because so far in Spain there were plenty of petrol stations until now, the reserve can came in to use once again.



Of all the things that I decided to do, or not do before this trip began, having  a spare petrol can has been the single most sensible thing, it only  holds 3 litres of  petrol, but that extra 70 – 80 Km range  that it gives me has been a real comfort in some lonely places !


By mid morning the motorway spat us out back on the coast road.


The N-340 is the old road that runs the entire length of the Spanish coast from Gibraltar up to France before the motorways were built. A very scenic road but very messy once you enter a large town or city, we came off the old road just prior to some Spanish citıes and used the motorway to by-pass them and then drop back down again on the N-340. The Spanish roads are so well sign posted that swapping between roads is easy.




One feature of the coast road is the old Moorish look out towers, remnants of when Spain was ruled by the Arabs.




It would appear that the little fishing village has grown somewhat over the years.




The complex of villas had grown exponentially over the years but ours was near the top of the hill.


As many Brits know, Spain was rife with property scams and corruption during the 1970’s and 80’s, unfortunately El Capistrano was no exception, the villa was bought for 14k off plan, growing suspicious and uneasy it was sold a year later for 21k.


Seven years after we left the land was reclaimed by the Government and every villa owner was ordered to cough up another  20 – 40k for the land (A lot of money in the 80’s) or loose the property, this complex was featured on a current affairs TV programme in the UK during the late 80’s, when this all happened,  many people here lost their life savings, thankfully we got out and never bought in Spain again, its a shame really because the builder here was one of the best, apparently everything is OK now though !!


The villa has been looked after very well and looks exactly the same as it did 25 years ago.



Even the local bar we frequented still has the same name.


A nice trip down memory lane, onwards to Marbella now where we camped for the night to be close to Gibraltar in the morning. I noticed the throttle and clutch getting a little sloppy today, I think (Hope) its just the cables expanding because of the heat down here.




It only took a few minutes to adjust both cables, I really hope its just heat expansion and not the stretch before the break, time will tell. There was a bar nearby with reasonable prices (For Marbella) so we had supper there.



We spent the evening chatting to the bar owner (Dave) who had been to Morocco, he advised us the places to go, and which places  in Morocco were rubbish or a little iffy.




~ by travelswithmymotorbike on June 10, 2009.

6 Responses to “DAY 29 – CARTAGENA TO MARBELLA”

  1. Hi Dave and Linda. another terrific post, lots of details, you seem happy doing it which is good…I see you refilling the tank, from your so called “jerry can”, did you actually run out of petrol…I know you don’t need to answer right now, you have better things to do but at the end of trip a long re-cap with more photos would be good….
    Have you got accustomed yet to sleeping in close quarter in a tent? it must be cozy to say the least…lol
    good thing you were able to adjust the cables… the package I sent off to england just came back yesterday, it contains an IR Laser thermometer, good for diagnostics concerning temperature. I’ll re-send it to you once you get back to Turkey.

    • Hi Berge,

      Feel fee to ask as many questions as you want….the petrol thing, I had to push this bike about 4km last year, no big deal I thought to myself, but in 40c heat it damn near killed me, I could push motorbikes easily when I was in my late teens but now I prefer to NOT do it…hence I make sure I dont have too, my little home made petrol can etc. has been a God send, the bike is also packed up with all our gear so pushing her is not an option.

      Sleeping in tents is fun for a few days…..OK for a couple of weeks…sucks badly after a month…and the smelll…ıt is not possible to get a shower regular, the bathrooms in some campsites cant be used or dont work, you will notice on the camp photos Lindas safty boots are outside of the tent, there is a reason for that !! If its not her feet, ıts my armpits…..camping is definatly not all roses…lol 🙂

  2. Oh yes the tent was too full and there was no room for my boots!!…ok they may have hummed a little 😉 and as for your armpits my belovid 😉

  3. Had to push a bike a few times over the years, I never let mine go into the red.


    • Same here, never like it in the red, I fill up when shes on a quarter full, there is an age for pushing motorbikes and I think I past it long ago lol…



  4. Ha,ha, My pushing days are over too….


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