We had a good nights sleep in the automatic hotel (Very weird) and were now within a short distance of Spain, we could not be bothered to turn around and head back almost a 100km to the Florec turning, and to be honest we ride a Honda and don’t really fit in with ADV that much, so off to  Spain  for us toady.



The automatic gates to the secured parking kept closing on us before we could get the bike out but after a few attempts we were free and heading for Spain. We are down to just two jackets now as the temperature is really beginning to warm up the further South we travel.



We crossed in to Spain just before 14.00 and carried on down the motorway with the intention of camping close to Barcelona, a little way in to Spain was a large Tourist Information office alongside the motorway, how convenient, we relieved them of many maps of Spain but the most useful was a map of campsites, all given free, the petrol and fags were also cheaper here, happy days !


We chose to camp at a place called L’Escala on the Costa Bravo, the sign posting on the Spanish “B” roads was excellent, and not only that, but the local roads were adorned with……err…….Ladies of Pleasure.  I use the term ladies of pleasure to distinguish them from wives, who our ladies of Spending.

It took Linda some time to grasp what these ladies were doing by the roadside (sheltered life) but after a while we were both marking them out of 10 as we passed by.




The campsite was on the very edge of town in a wood land area, 15 euros per night.




~ by travelswithmymotorbike on May 25, 2009.

15 Responses to “DAY 25 – SPAIN”

  1. Will write later?

    Where’s the bloody pictures?

    92°F/33°C here today.

    • Hi John,

      The pictures are comming today, well some of them, I am almost 2 weeks behind with the blog, about 700 photos to sort through today



  2. Great stuff, have had no time to comment meantime, you have an award…
    Click Here

    • Hi Baron,

      Long time no see, how are you mate….still OK ??

      I have gotten about 2 weeks behind on the blog because internet cafes in Europe are few and very expensive, we are back in beautiful Greece now so I shall start updating the blog today…thanks for the award, I had a look at the link but I dont understand..



  3. Just noticed the click doesn’t work so go here:

  4. You seem to receive as many comments when you don’t write something as when you do!
    Well I’m off to Greece too tomorrow so I’ll wave if I see you! (Syvota on the left hand side adjacent too the Island of Paxos)

  5. You did not see me at my best LOL!

  6. Great trip guys :)))))

  7. Ha,Ha,Ha, very good Dave

    ”I use the term ladies of pleasure to distinguish them from wives, who our ladies of Spending.”

    You were marking them out of 10, very funny.


  8. Never been in an ‘Automatic’ hotel with NO people….I think I would find it weird too.

    ”I use the term ladies of pleasure to distinguish them from wives, who our ladies of Spending.” Very funny lol….


  9. Very funny Dave….Marks out of 10…..Ladies of spending Ha,Ha,Ha

    Err….you don’t know what the going rate was, do you Ha,Ha,Ha


    • Cheers Stan, the going rate for the 2 out of 10’s was probably just a packet of fags lol..

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