We woke early this morning, not any people about, only Ducks, our plan for today was to head further South to the Adventure rider Rally in Florec not far from the border between France and Spain, we were not too sure if we wanted to go because on this side of the Atlantic not one biker we have spoken too has heard of ADV, it seams to be mostly an American thing nowadays.



We had a ride around the local area but not straying too far from the motorway, just entering and exiting at all the junctions until we found nice scenery,  lost in Provence is not what we want, as pretty as it may be.




We left the tarmac and headed off on the dirt roads to see what we could find.








The minor roads lead us to a large town, it might have been Avengon, the town had a large fairytale castle, beautiful.



We rejoined the motorway after our little countryside expedition and just hammered through the remaining part of France to get as far South as possible, our intention was to head for the ADV rally at Florec.  Whilst at a petrol station Linda had another one of her Blond moments,  she bought a gas canister to boil water on, saying:

”You just punch a hole in the top, and light it”

I was talking to a French biker at the time, Simon was his name, we just looked at each other in disbelief ! Once we explained to Linda that you need a burner to attach to the gas canister, she saw the funny side, Simon bought the canister off me, thankfully.



We pulled in to a petrol station around 8pm, and asked two French motorcycle police officers what they thought about those mountain roads at night, the first thing they said was:

“Don’t go up there, there is a BORE problem.”

We laughed, did he mean those large haıry wild pigs or did he mean a bunch of 40 year old blokes talking endlessly about BMW bikes !!

They said it was a very dangerous mountain route up to Florec at night and it would take them as professional riders 3 hours to get up there, Linda and İ discussed it and decided that as it was 22.30 now, there was just no point us trying to go up there tonight, the police advised us to head another 50 km down the motorway where there were some hotels.

The 50 km turned out to be 90km and we were almost in Spain. We found the hotels…..and this is the weird thing…..all fully automated, not a sole around, you put your card in to a machine and follow the instructions, where up on you are issued with codes for the entrance door, your room and the secure parking…..on the fourth attempt and 30 Euros later we got in!!


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on May 25, 2009.

6 Responses to “DAY 24 – SOMEWHERE IN FRANCE”

  1. Always beautiful scenery in France.

    • Yes…and if I ever get a modern camera I would be able to take decent photos of it lol..



  2. Catching up with your trip some more…Provence is just beautiful, its my wifes favourite place when we tour.

    Looks like you were saved in the nick of time, from what would have been an early morning explosion when Linda would have lit a gas canister to make tea lol….

  3. The castle is the Papal Palace Dave, in Avengion, its wonderful to be in Provence again via you posts, thanks for sharing it.

    Was she really going to punch a hole and light it, not only are you burdoned with tons of Linda’s clothes and shoes, but she’s trying to kill you also Ha,Ha,Ha


    • Cheers Stan, mystery solved….yep, she really thought that would work…KA BOOM !!



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