We woke early at 06.00, Linda and I discussed the previous days events and came to the conclusion that avoiding the motorway and taking the “B” roads of France was not for us because of the following reasons, firstly it is a navigational nightmare without a GPS.

Second, we were only 70km closer to Paris but the trip on my bike recorded we had covered 240km since leaving the motorway at Arras, and thirdly the time factor, it took ten and a half hours to cover the 240km on the “B” roads, we should have been in Paris yesterday morning.

Fourthly, time and money are part of my daily calculations for this bike trip and with France being the most expensive of all the countries we have visited, we did not wish to stay in France any longer than necessary, we burn a 100+ Euros a day in France because of the high price of petrol,ciggies and food, by comparison, our cash burn in Greece is 50 Euros a day, Spain 65 Euros per day, and Italy 70 Euros per day etc…



We tried out for the first time the little Tea making thingy that the lads were kind enough to give us, after a few false starts, it falls over very easily, it only takes a single insect to fart nearby and over it goes, but once forced in to the grass by a size 12 boot, it was perfect, live and learn.

We packed up all our gear then woke Jaq and Lin at 08.00, we said that we will be taking the motorway because we want to get to Paris today, Jaq said “No”, he and Lin would continue with the “B” roads and we should contact each other via Internet cafes after Paris, so with that off we road to find the motorway to Paris.




After 40 minutes or so of little villages and lanes we chanced upon a sign for the motorway, Oh joy, we are saved!!

Once on the motorway it was only 30 minutes to Paris, the Toll was 1.50 Euro, we entered Paris in the Momatre District, because I have walked around Paris so many times over the years I knew instantly where I was, and started to ride up every hill I could find, sure enough “Le Sacre Cure” came in to view.







Even at 09.30 the place was crowded with tourists, they do not allow photos inside, but after touring the Church we then headed down the opposite side of the hill through the narrow cobbled lanes of Momatre until the roads open up again to the wonderful tree lined boulevards created by Napoleon that we all associate with Paris.




In to view came the great Parisian beast, a 10 laned monster roundabout free for all, I approached the Arc De Triomphe with trepidation, apparently if you have the courage to travel three times around the Arc de Triompe at rush hour, you instantly qualify for the French Foreign Legion.




Not content with once around the Arc de Triomphe we head to Plac de la Concorde, turned around and did the Arc de Triomphe two more times, my invitation to join the French Foreign Legion is probably being written by President Sarkosy this very minute!!




Ok, thats enough of my triumph of the Triomphe, next we went to Place de la Concorde and looked at the Egyptian obelisk Napoleon found on his travels there some Centuaries ago.





Above is the unofficial Memorial to Princess Diana and Dodi who were killed in a car accident here on the under pass, still today after all these years there are poems and flowers left by people.


Next we crossed Pont Alexandre 111 bridge, built in the 17th century this bridge is probably the most ornate and beautiful bridge I have ever seen, at night when the bridge is all lit up it is truly remarkable.




Next was Les Invalides and Tomb de la Napolean.




Parking on pavements was the only way to park in Paris, it would be impossible in a car to get around and park up in Paris.





An interesting fact, directly opposite the Tower is the Cavalry head quarters and when the Nazis occupied France in WW2 they rounded up the French Generals etc who would not surrender and placed them against the Cavalry HQ. building looking directly at the Eiffel Tower and shot them, the bullet holes have been left in the HQ. walls as a remembrance to the brave officers and Generals who did not surrender to Nazi Germany.





Next we were off to find Nore Dame.






We spent most of the day in Paris, this is only a small selection of photos because my blog is now two weeks behind and I must get on. By navigating by the sun (Don’t laugh, it works) we needed to exit Paris in a Southerly direction to head for Lyon and on to Spain, from Notre Dame I went up every street and road heading South until after only 15 minutes we happened across the motorway to Lyon.

We flew down the motorway for a few hours then pulled off South of Lyon to camp for the night, we did not find any Internet facility in the little village but assumed Jaq was now in Paris and only a few hours behind us, we did not know then that he still had not got to Paris.




One of the many nice things about France is that the camp sites are cheap, only 7 Euros and a nice woodland to ride through.



~ by travelswithmymotorbike on May 25, 2009.

8 Responses to “DAY 23 – PARIS”

  1. I have been around the Arc de Triomphe myself in a car and on a bike, I did not go back for a second and third helping….your very brave lol…


    • Brave or stupid, I must say though it was very thrilling/fearfull at the time.



  2. Bye the way, did you ever get that invetion to the Legion, great photos I’m really enjoying this trip.

  3. My head is all over the place today…I forgot to say that your four points for leaving the country roads behind are very valid, your freind should have tried it your way at least once, then perhaps he would have had an idea about driving in Europe, it aint the same as Oz !

    Her indoors is thinking about a new kitchen, I’m reading your blog to escape lol..


    • Hi James,

      Thanks for that I did try to be fair, honest !

      So you’ve been dragged around B&Q looking at kitchens have you, don’t blame you needing to escape lol…

  4. I can deduce from your writting that you found riding in Paris thrilling, well done old chap.


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