The plan for today was to vist both Norwich and Chelmsford, we were heading to Norwich to see friends Calvin and Stefan,  then on to Chelmsford to see daughter Vienna.


There was something strange about the weather in England today, it was not raining, and there was a large yellow thing in the sky, everyone was looking at it in bemused wonderment.

The strange yellow thing was also  raising the temperature from sub Arctic to almost bearable. With all four jackets on we headed through the Yorkshire Wolds until we found the A1 heading South.



Norwich is a large old country town in Norfolk, you would be forgiven for thinking that a major town would be sign posted, fat chance, it was as though we were back in France having to navigate by the Sun, we lost hours looking for Norwich, but passed through some pretty villages.




When we would ask people direction they would  say things like,

“Ooh a bit difficult.”

”You don’t want to start from here.”

”It’s not very well sign posted  you know.”

The towns of Peterborough or Cambridge have zillions of road signs, but not Norwich, anyway many hours late we found Norwich, and clung to the safety of the very large bus station in the city centre, not daring to enter the Old Quarter where Calvin and Stefan lived, a maze of narrow cobbled lanes, Linda phoned them up to come and get us!!



We followed them back to their flat for a welcoming cup of Tea and a traditional Bacon sandwich, dripping with  ketchup.



It transpired during the evening that both Calvin and Stefan were in to camping, they advised us that we needed this and that, and then proceeded to give us mattresses to sleep on and Army rations that you just heat up or eat cold, and an Army burner thing to make Tea with.



Time was racing away, as it always does, by the time we reached Vienna and then on to Tilbury to meet Jaq and Lin it would have been after midnight, the lads offered that we could sleep at theirs when we returned from Chelmsford a little over 100km away, so we set off for Chelmsford to see my daughter.


We arrived at my ex-wife’s house and Catherine had made us a fabulous meal which was a very pleasant and welcome surprise given the vicious court battles we had fought in the past.





An all to brief visit, but after a few hours we had to go back up to Norwich, Stef and Cal had gone out for the evening which was just as well because we were not back until gone midnight.

Stefan must have eaten something a little off, because he was unwell when we returned to their flat, we went to sleep about 01.30 and woke around 03.30 when Stefan had to go to work, Calvin left for work at 05.30 and they were kind enough to leave us the keys and let me use the Internet to book our Channel Tunnel crossing tomorrow.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on May 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “DAY 20 – EAST YORKSHIRE to NORWICH”

  1. It’s a nice part of the World Yorkshire, When its not raining.

    LOL….”You don’t want to start from here”

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