A pleasant evening yesterday, seeing the family and catching up with gossip, first thing this morning I phoned my bank, it only took 25 minutes to reach a Human. I explained what had happened, and the problem that travelling with no money had caused me, they explained that in certain countries of the World that they deem unsafe they will not allow bank cards to be used, they also said that a dirty or poorly maintained ATM machine could damage your card, I asked for a new card to be posted to me ASAP because I was off travelling again soon.


The second item on my list today was to order a new front tyre for the bike plus a service, the bike does not need one, but I just want to be sure before we head off to Morocco. We popped in to the only motorbike service place in town, they were fantastic, because I was on the road they would service my bike the very moment the new front tyre came tomorrow morning, about 11.30 was their guess. The rest of the day was just sleep and rest, I had an awful lot of sleep to catch up on.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on May 16, 2009.

4 Responses to “DAY 13 – PHONE THE BANK”

  1. So your bank never really addmitted anything??

    • No, they never once gave me a straight answer to ”Did you cancel my card and why”

      I just got waffle out of them over and over again !!

  2. Thats just typical of banks these days,admit nothing.


    • Hi Stan,

      Yep its just the way things are in the modern World, at least I did get through to a Human !

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