We got off to a late start this morning, we had to wait at the campsite office for the lady to arrive so we could retrieve our passports.







A pleasant mornings ride along the coast road, we pulled into a roadside petrol station and parked up, We walked in to the shop looking for food, we saw some pre-packed sandwiches but the shop owner would not serve us, we asked about the sandwiches and the reply was,

“Not for you.”

The same happened again when we thought OK, we will have some Mars bars then,

“Not for you,”

puzzled by yet another miserable Croatian, we began thinking that perhaps bypassing the tourist areas and seeing the “real” Croatia was a mistake.






Along the coast road heading towards Split, it was beautiful scene after beautiful scene, in the afternoon we dropped down in to one of the little picturesque villages for something to eat, we were quite hungry now.






We ordered lunch very carefully, two meals 30 Kuna each plus two coffees at 5 Kuna each, we went over the order a couple of times with the waiter to make sure. Lunch arrived, plus two coffees, two glasses of water, a basket of bread and a small salad, we did not use any ketchup or mayonnaise !!

The bill was not 70 Kuna as it should have been, the bastard charged us a whoping 230 Kuna, we challenged the bill again, the waiter was now very agresive,he mutered something about your woman used the toilet, I showed him my day wallet, I knew it only had a hundred or so Kuna in it, and I kept my real wallet hidden.

I said “This is all I have.”

He said very aggresivly “OK….. Go.”

We left straight away……and continued on towards Split.


The photo above is the “Rip-off cafe”







We stopped for a ciggie on the  outskirts of  split,  we talked over our two day Croatian experience, because it was rip-off prices for us everywhere, I decided I did not want to continue hemoraging money to thieves.


Although I really wanted to see Mostar and Dubrovnik, we both felt we were a couple of traveling chickens in a land of  salivating  wolves, instead of spending a week in Croatia as planned, we talked it over sat on the bay and  decided to split at Split !


We rode a little way back the way we came, and just rough camped in some woods, we had some biscuits in the pannier that we kept for emergency food, and eat them.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on May 15, 2009.

15 Responses to “DAY 8 – CROATIA – BEAUTIFUL BUT…..”

  1. Dave & LPS(Linda):

    very nice scenery. Is it common practice to have to leave your passport for security deposit ? wouldn’t it just be better to prepay for your room if they feel that you are going to “skip” on them. The next time you are in a tourist area, purchase some extra emergency food, just in case

    • Hi Bob,

      Yes, it apears commen practice, I dont like it either, I always offer to pay upfront but they always decline, we did carry emergency food…..but we eat it lol…

  2. Can’t remember whether they wanted my passport when I stayed a night in Croatia. I know I’ve had this in some countries. Never sure whether it’s a weird legal requirement, or a way to prevent you leaving without paying.
    You really did meet some rip-off artists in Croatia. I don’t remember it being quite so bad myself, I just had a couple of clowns try to short-change me. Maybe they see a couple as being a softer target. I suppose they gamble on people being unfamiliar with their currency. It would be harder to pull such a stunt with euros. I suppose this can happen anywhere. A fellow (female) scuba diver got hit like this in Egypt. I extracted her due change by threatening to go to, and then walking towards, the nearby police station.
    You are a more tolerant man than me to pay up. Strangely, foreigners (Brits too for that matter!) always seem to understand “You can F..O..” when said with menace. Then again, you have the missus with you. You can’t risk it.
    But all this is good. In the years to come, you’ll look back on these annoyances and laugh.

    • Hi Andy,

      Ian and I will probably do the Balkans together next year, Ian has the “Mad axe Murderer look in his eye” usefull in the Balkans lol…..Sorry Ian 🙂

  3. Hah! Handy man to have with you!

  4. I understand you not wanting to stay there, I will never travel through Croatia or Serbia again, I was ripped off with a hotel bill badly. Our bill should have been 280 K but they charged me over 600Kuna and they held our passports untill I paid. The wife and I did not trust the police so did not call them, we argued for over an hour and it cost me 500K to get our passports back….Thieves!!

    When we crossed the border into Serbia the border guards took 50 Euro off me saying our insurance was not correct, it was, you just so know they are stealing your money and there is nothing you can do about it.



    • Hi James,

      I have not been to Serbia but I have read simular accounts to yours, and Serbia is another bunch of thieves that want to join the EU…ıts a joke!!

  5. Great photos by the way !!


    • Cheers for that…if we ever get good cameras they should be better.



  6. Hello Dave, I found your motorcycle trip by accident whilst searching for something else. I do not normally comment on blogs but I feel I must join in with this Croatia debate.

    If I were there with my wife, being treated badly and over charged at every interaction with the locals, I would go to a better place, why stay when you have two wheels !!

    You made the right choice !!

    • Hi Stan,

      Thanks for the kind words mate, as you say, Got two wheels why stay there !!



  7. P.S

    As you can see I am not used to writing comments, I forgot to say excellent photographs and I enjoy reading the story.


    • Hi Stan,

      Thanks for that but we do need better cameras…One day!!



  8. oh my god I’m shocked at the way your were treated! I assure you this is not our usual way with guests. at least not all of us.

    it’s usual for the hotel to ask for passports as they need to record the guests’ details (i believe they need to pass this on to the police – that’s the rules).

    • Hi Maninas,

      Guess we were just unlucky with the people we met outside of the tourist resorts, if I ride through Croatia again the lesson is to stay at tourist resorts only.

      I did like how clean and beautiful your country is, your a lucky guy to live there!!



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