We slept very well on the soft grass verge of the petrol station, another free camp, we woke around 05.30 and headed to the stations cafe for morning coffee. Dave turned up a few minutes later, I asked him how far away we were from Venice, “about 400 meters” was the reply, result !!

I then asked him what was the best way into Venice, “The best way in to Venice, is not to go in to Venice”………. “OK” I say, you have to understand the brevity of the Yorkshire sense of humour. He recommended we go to the docks, park up, and get a water taxi because parking in Venice was almost impossible.


We wrote down Dave’s instructions and after morning coffee we rode off in search of Venice and the docks, which was exactly where Dave said it would be, truck drivers, bless them.


There is a long bridge connecting the islands of Venice to the mainland, we parked up in the docks opposite the customs post, we did not want to leave the bike unattended but equally we wanted to go around Venice together, while we were debating what we should do, a Venetian chap turns up on his large scooter.

We asked him if the parking was safe here, he told us we were lucky to find the only free and safe parking lot in Venice, he parks here all the time and was on his way to work, we asked which way to the water taxi’s, he said they were expensive and we should travel the way Venetians do, by water bus, only 6 Euros around Venice.










We got off the water bus at St. Marks square and wandered around admiring the beautiful architecture that is Venice, the day was warming up fast and walking around in our motorbike jackets soon became a chore.











We decided to indulge ourselves in the full tourist experience and sat down at on of the many tourist traps….or water side cafes as they prefer to be called and ordered an over priced pizza, you just have to have pizza in Italy !!  Those of you who are of a financially nervous disposition had better not read any further…………….Two pizza’s = 40 Euro’s.





After our pizza breakfast, which by the way was the best pizza I have ever eaten, we wandered around a little more then looked about for a water bus stop to find the bike and continue on to Trieste and Slovenia.




We arrived in Venice around 07.30 before the  tourists, as we were walking towards the water bus the first of the cruise liners was entering Venice about to disgorge three or four thousand passengers, we were leaving at just the right time. Both of us truly enjoyed the magnificence and uniqueness of Venice, we were lucky to enjoy such a splendid place without the hoards of tourists in the way, if Dear Reader you ever come to Venice, come early in the morning, it’s worth it !


On our return to the car park the bike, plus all our camping gear was still there, parking 10 meters away from armed security guards definitely works, Linda bought a souvenir Venice Teddy bear which she then strapped to the back of the bike as our Good Luck charm for the rest of our journey.


When we were about to leave the car park another biker was just preparing to leave also, we asked him what was the easiest way out of Venice going towards Trieste, he said it was impossible to explain if you don’t live here, just “Follow me” he said, I asked “Are you heading for Trieste also”…..”No, I am on my lunch break, but I will show you”.


We then followed Giani for almost 20 minutes, not only out of Venice but through a maze of road junctions that only Italians could build……..AND…..two thirds of the way up the narrow slip road to join the motorway, we parked on the slip road, a little naughty I know, but hey….”When in Rome.”

We thanked him once again, then he turned around and then proceeded the wrong way down the slip road and the wrong way around the junction to the sound of many car horns and screeching of   tyres…..Italian drivers, you just gotta love  Em !!


Once again I hid behind the biggest truck I could find on the motorway, not daring to enter the madness of  the fast lane, following a truck in the slow lane doing 110Kph was enough for me, progress towards Trieste was swift and uneventful until my truck turned off the motorway and I was exposed to the motoring Asylum. After ten minutes of terror I found another truck going to Trieste and hid behind him until we pulled in at a petrol station to look at our map.



To enter Slovenia I had to buy a Vignette (Road Tax) the minimum they would give me was six months, 17 Euro…Ouch!  Whilst we were talking and looking at our tatty old map a chap came over to us and asked us where we were going in Slovenia, we said we did not know really and could he recommend any nice places on the way to Croatia. He went back to his car and gave us a map of the Balkans to keep, he then said the best places were down by the coast and we could follow him because he was going that way.


We followed him some 70 KM in to Slovenia, as soon as you cross from Italy to Slovenia the quality of the roads improves and the road signs are in English once again, he took us straight to a campsite at a quaint little town by the sea called koper. We chatted for a while and guess what?….he knows are little town in Turkey plus Marmaris and Gocek, he worked on yachts years ago and sailed to Turkey many times….small World.


Whilst riding through Italy the other night I noticed the headlight was a little high, this was most probably all the weight on the back of the bike and the suspension pre=load needed to be adjusted. I unpacked everything looking for the tools necessary, and guess what?…No flat blade screwdriver and no WD 40…but hey…Linda has brought along 3 pairs of shoes and something had to make way for the valuable shoes, tools after all are not as essential as shoes!!



With a flat blade screwdriver and a can of WD40 the pre-load adjustment is very quick and simple to do, 10 minutes normally, side panel off, battery box unbolted and moved to the side, spray the two locking rings with WD40…easy…..with no WD40 and only a Philips screwdriver the job took me an hour and was a Bastard !!



The campsite was right by the sea, after I finished adjusting the suspension and swearing profusely, I sat and watched the sun set……did I mention Linda brought 3 pairs of shoes along, this must be how Imelda Markos travelled.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on May 12, 2009.

34 Responses to “DAY 6 – WONDERFUL VENICE”

  1. Fantastic – Came across your blog by accident and seeing as I too am taking early retirement in less than a year, it is great to see what you are doing. Have fun and have a safe journey.

    • Hi Martin,

      Cheers for that……yep, have to do these things when we can, while we can…

  2. Dave & Linda: I’m jealous. You have taken photos of places I have only seen from photos. for now, your camera are our EYES of your world. thank you for taking us with you. ride safe and enjoy

    • Hi Bob,

      Thanks for the kind comment…..been having trouble with internet access, we are day 13 now, but only day 6 on the website…

  3. I’m confused!! Why did you go to SLOVAKIA to get to Croatia??

    ONLY 3 pairs of shoes……………Linda’s slacking!!!!

    • Hi Bev,

      Slovenia is inbetween Italy and Croatia,or were you thinking of Chechoslovakia lol…

  4. I would just like to point out that Dave has just bought a new pair of boots!!!!…(linda his much better less expensive half)…

  5. Hey guy and gal…Venice sounds great. It’s on our list of cities to see.
    Three pairs of shoes? Ok. Lin and I have; combat hikers. Sand shoes. Thongs. That’s 3each . So Linda feels better now.
    We are leaving for the airport to catch the plane to Britain in a few hours.
    Overnight in Japan, then onto London.
    Can hardly get to sleep.
    Next time we post here we will be in the UK.
    Whoa hoo!

    You two ride safe and we’ll see you in England.
    As soon as you get a contact phone number PM it to us at ADVrider or my email addy.

    Cheers:Jaq and Lin.

    • Hi Jaq,
      I do not know how you can sit on a bike all day wearing thongs mate, Jesus you Aussies are tough, soft cotten undies for us and they chafe bad enough after 16 hours. will put 2 phone numbers on ADV, our mobile does not work here, but once you have a contact number we can muddle through..

  6. What are you two on about? Just had a look at a map and Slovenia is between Italy and Croatia !!

    • Hi Ian,

      You are right of course, its the girls mate….they mess with our heads and confuse things..

  7. I know what you mean Dave about navigating your way out of Venice. It’s almost as if Venice was not designed to be reached by road…
    I was lost until a rainbow appeared. I headed for the rainbow’s end…

    I do like your chaotic approach to travel – not having the right tools, not having the right maps etc. It makes for more fun on the adventure – and a more entertaining blog.

    17euros to enter Slovenia seems a rip-off. Maybe it’s because you are on Turkish plates?

    Linda: At the risk of sounding like a fetishist, how come we are seeing loads of pics of the bike but none of your shoes?

    • Hi Andy,

      its not intended to be a chaotic approach, its rather a “relaxed” approach, I dont want to be on the clock having to be at “x” place by “y” time, the map ordeal is because we could not find one to buy in Turkey, we only printed off general maps from Google because of the large amount of space 70 sheets of A4 takes up… Riding in Italy I think, is only something someone can understand if they have done it, but yeah…mixing it up in the city centre chaos with all the other bikes and scooters was great fun, its the high speen madness on the autostrade that gives me concern….

  8. Lin and I are in the UK now.
    Already got lost and confused using the UK ideal of navigation by road routes and signage.
    Will be riding around for the rest of the week, sorting stuff.
    Email me or PM me at adv.

    Cheers: jaq.

    • Hi Jaq,

      I have left a few pm’s and phone numbers for you on ADV all week, we are planning to cross to France Thursday, will you be ready ?? The tunnel is 37 Quid between 00.00 and 06.00 if you book in advance.

      I know what you mean about driving on the left, after a week here I still think about riding on the right for the first ten minutes until my head tunes in !!

  9. hey dave

    had computer probs here
    just sending you a couple of phone numbers now.
    via mobile text to your mobile

    you can ring us 0777 203 40 43

  10. that cell phone number i just sent dont work

    check your adv mailbox for another number and an address

  11. Try this phone number. Now works. 0777 209 4043.


    • Hi Jaq,

      Got your phone numbers and addy, will ring you tonight from Mothers, glad your OK Mate…

  12. Venice is fantastic, the wife and I were there in August 06 we could hardly see anything because of the crowds. I understand why you are travelling out of season now, very clever.

    • Hi James,

      Yep learned the hard way years ago, aviod July and August when travelling, its crowded everywhere.



  13. ıts great you keep meeting bikers who help you…the kindness of strangers is very heart warming.


    • Yes..its great that there are still some decent people in todays World.



  14. Great pics of Venice, it looks really great to tour on a motorcycle, I shall have to talk the wife in to it !

    • Hi Kev,

      We both have been wanting to see Venice for years and years, now finaly we have and it was worth the wait.



  15. Your blog is so interesting! I have subscribed on rss and I will read it regullary !!

  16. I feel inspired to get the bike out when I read other peoples trips..

    • Hi Kev,

      Yes I spend a lot of time on the internet reading other peoples trips also, its a great way to get ideas where to go, or not go.



  17. Good job. 🙂

  18. Excellent blog! Very interesting themes. I will regularly read it.

  19. I love Venice, and to think you can actually park the bike so close to everything…Thanks for sharing!


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