Day 2 began with a lot of pain, although I managed to fall asleep in a kind of “S” shape avoiding the stones, I woke up on the rocks, so to speak, one gently parting my ribs, one lifting my knee cap and the other drilling in to my hip bone. When we made camp Linda thought the squirrels that were running around were cute…..they were not cute later on when they were scratching at the tent and shagging…..squeak, squeak, squeak all bloody night !

The bike was packed unevenly day 1, I needed the weight to be more central to the bikes centre of gravity, so in the morning rain we unpacked everything and redistributed the weight, the bike handled much better after that. Missing items realised so far from the bag we had to leave behind are tooth brushes and toothpaste, plus the chain spray.



We set off around 06.30, still bloody raining, apparently there are beautiful coastal views along this stretch of road heading towards Troy, I forgot to set the trip this morning so no idea about mileage today, the coastal road gets quite narrow and very twisty in places, there was no traffic at this time so progress was good. After an hour or so we stopped at a truckers cafe for breakfast, omelette, bread,salad and 6 tea’s, we stayed there for an hour drying out by the wood burner.


When we finished breakfast the sky had cleared, and we found Troy, even though they spelt it funny to throw us of the scent, a very common phenomenon in Turkey.




Built in 1974 by the Turkish Tourism Authority……Hmmm….I am not sure the Trojans would have fallen for this !!  We explored the rest of what is a major archaeological site.


Whats left of the city walls.



These were the best bits of what is a huge site, the rest has become over grown and neglected, you can draw your own conclusions if it’ worth a visit at 15 Lira each….Ouch!



A short ride further up the coast is the busy port of Canakkale, they too have a Trojan wooden horse, and road signs, we found the town centre straight away, and there free for all to see is the American built wooden horse donated to the town by the film producers of TROY.





Canakkale was the scene of ferocious fighting during WW1 between the ANZAC’S and German led Turkish forces, there is a Naval museum here that I wanted to see but Linda fretting that we would miss the ,every 20 minutes, all day ferry service put her foot down…needs a chill pill perhaps!


This very helpful chap Hamit, owns the Internet cafe we used in Canakkale for the Day 1 post, I could not have done the post without his kind assistance, turns out he is a member and moderator of the largest bike club in Turkey, 54,000 members,  he put a sticker on my pannier from the Turkish bike club.


We asked the very helpful Tourist Information office where to catch the ferry across the Marmara straights to the European part of Turkey, the young lady spoke better English than me!




The cost of the ferry for one bike and two adults was only 5 Lira (2 GBP)





The quality of the roads on the European part of Turkey got better and better the further along we rode.


We had a nice lunch in some town we discovered when we got lost for a while, our low reolution Google maps printed off my PC were not much use, the waiter pointed us in the right direction.


Again the European part was different, flat and open ground with good roads and no traffic, we had a little problem at Kesan looking for a critical Left turn to head for Greece, poor sign posting again, research on the Internet brought up a lack of petrol stations along the D1110 into Greece, so I filled the spare petrol can just in case.

We were zooming along on good empty roads, we rounded a bend and bloody hell, the Greek Turkish border, not expecting this for another 400km at least we stopped, parked up and began wandering around trying to understand how our map could be so wrong, anyway this chap shouted over “Are you English” I wondered to myself  how does it show.

Turns out he was Simon Newbound, the chap in the Guinness book of records for riding a motorbike around the World in the shortest time  or something. They had just driven their car from UK to Turkey, his wife Monika, who also rode a bike around the World, was dealing with the car and customs while we stood around smoking and chatting, nice couple, they are here in Turkey for a BMW promotion thing.


We swapped phone numbers and said “See you in two months” We then wanderd aimlessly around the various border check booths until we found the right ones, now again via Internet research there is great confusion what a Turkish registered vehicle needs to get out of Turkey, many say horrendous amounts of paperwork, but NO, very simple, passport, original vehicle documents, that’s it!!


We made fast progress on thee most beautiful Greek roads with plentiful road signs in both Greek and English, Ahhh the warm comfort of European standardisation, tonight we are in a hotel for medical reasons…err…that’s it… medical reasons, not because we are soft pussy bikers!!


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on May 2, 2009.

21 Responses to “DAY 2 GREECE CAME TO US…”

  1. My fellow bikers…Correction No 1. packed TOOTHPASTE forgot TOOTHBRUSHES!!! Correction 2, My beloved didnt know the ferrys left every 20mins!!! Correction 3. Forgot to pack the frying pan to hit my beloved over the head with 🙂

  2. Hahahaha…not sure who to belive on this one…but the frying pan trick sounds good to me…lol…LMAO…!
    Surprised how fast you made it into Greece. You need to make sure all you data is backed up properly, cause from the looks of it, you two have the making of what could be a very successfully published book…Good pics, excellent story…lots of humor…very organic…for instances about the rocks and so on…try to tell us about your food experience, people you meet not meat…lol
    The photos look superb…I hope there is no serious medical problem….! no need to respond on the medical question one unless you need help and for some reason you can’t get it wherever you are.)
    Cheers, keep well and travel safe.

    • Hi Berge,

      It was a tounge in cheek remark, we are just a couple of knackered old farts and the first nights camping we hardly slept because it was so uncomfortable, we could not admit to being a couple of softies so soon into the trip lol/

  3. In the photo of you stood next to bike on the ferry…….I hope youre not practising your photo face for the rest of the trip !!
    You seem to be making good ground……obviously got some tips off Simon Newbound !!
    Been fitting new brake pads on BMW today….hopefully out for a ride bank hol monday to bed them in.

    • Hi Ian,

      That was not photo face, that was not happy face because I could not go to the naval war museum…Simon and his mrs are comming to live in Turkey in our neck of the woods…tips….he said dont camp near a water fall when its raining lol….

  4. dave & Linda: I can FEDEX a frying pan, just say the word. I believe both of you, can’t argue when you are in close quarters. Looks like a good adventure in the making. I really like your discriptive experiences. Love your pictures

    as Berge said, “travel safe” and take care


    • Hi Bob,
      Funny you should mention argueing, had a bit of that after Linda took over navigation, took untill the following day to get back where we started ha,ha

  5. I think Linda’s better placed to wield a frying pan when you’re riding. One bash for ‘no’, two for ‘yes’.

    Great progress!

  6. Or three for maybe!

  7. hi dave and linda from the team
    have a nice travel tour.

    best regards
    babis and sakis in kozani-greece

    • Hi Sakis,
      Thanks very much once again for your help yeterday, sorry we got lost this morning and could not find the town with the lake again, 2.5 hours later we found the E90…Let me know about the flask, I can post it back to you from England or when we meet up again in a few weeks.



  8. I always carry a small compass that I use to confirm I’m riding in the right direction. Maybe you can get a frying pan with a built in compass? Amazing what they make these days.
    Actually Linda, you could stick the compass on the back of Dave’s helmet and check that against the map as you ride.
    (Damn I make myself laugh.)
    I had to cancel our original flight with Air China and re-book with JAL airlines. You don’t want to know the awful mess the Flight Centre Travel agaent and Air China made of our flight details.
    Still arriving UK same day. So all good.
    Departing next Friday.
    Overnight in Narita, Japan. Looking forward to that. Never been to Japan. Maybe I can buy a Ninja? Be handy having your own assassin. Difficult to get thru customs perhaps? And can you claim it on duty free tax?

    Anyway…happy trails.

    Cheers: Jaq and Lin.

    • Hi jaq,
      funny you should mention that, believe it or not I navigated out of the mountains using the sun (When I coulsd see it) glad you have your flights sorted, we are in slovakia now, pretty country….An assaaain is essentail to take with you on Italian roads, crazy,crazy…far worse than Turkey for driving…its just madness !!

  9. Mik is here also he says good luck.
    ı just look the firs and second day ı will read at night.

    Have a nice trip

    • Hi Teo and Mick,

      Good to here from you at last, we reached UK 11-05-09 I will update the posts today, Cheers Dave..

  10. I know what you mean about getting the weight balanced, I’ve toured UK and Europe with my wife, both on a bike and in our car…women DO bring so much more things with them than men do…but its handy to bring them along for the cooking though lol.


    • Hi James,

      Yeah we blokes can happily wear the same clothes for a week or more, and if you ride in the rain that counts as laundry lol…



  11. I must say you are very brave travelling with just scrappy bits of paper from Google as a map, still thats more than our fathers had back in the day !!


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