Day 1 did not get off to a very good start, we had a practice pack last week and everything went in the bike, but not this morning, some how our stuff had grown considerably, I have my suspicions who may have been sneaking things aboard. We set off an hour late and had to leave a bag of ”whatever” behind, progress was nice and steady, I installed my home made cruise control maintaining an almost constant 80KPH.


We headed to Mulga after a quick ciggie break, Mulga, high on a platuae was bloody freezing as normal, once we started the decent to Aydin it thankfully began to warm up.



The next place after Aydin was Izmır, because Izmir is such a big city I came up with the disastrous brain wave that instead of bypassing Izmir we should venture in and buy a tank bag to ease our luggage situation., bound to be plenty of bike shops in such a big city. After being trapped for what seamed years in various Izmir one way systems we suddenly noticed about 30 soldiers all tooled up jogging 3 abreast in perfect unison coming towards us, just an exercise I thought. A few more minutes and it was road block after road block, the police and military sending us in all directions, I stopped beside a group of 4 motorcycle police bikes, BMW F650’s, I asked them via my own kind of sign language where were the motorbike shops so I could buy a Tank bag.


A very helpful policeman then wrote down very detailed instruction for me, all in Turkish, hence we were lost again within seconds, yet another road block sent us left where we were suddenly confronted with thousands of people demonstrating, banners,shouting,fist waiving,megaphones, the full demonstration works. More soldiers running down the street, we felt tension in the air, an army personnel carrier was blocking the turning we needed, we didn’t ask them to move it we just carried on being lost for another half hour until a road sign for Canakkale appeared.


Upon our lucky escape from Izmir we filled up with petrol for the first time, very pleased with the milage the bike is returning fully laden down, 345KM consumed only 15.1 Litres, I don’t have my calculator with me, but that is around 70MPG. We stopped for lunch outside Izmir without having even finding a single motorbike showroom let alone a tank bag.


I am having trouble with the photos, when the PC is in a foreign language editing photos is proving impossible, I will see if Photobucket can help.

OK we can now turn photos the right way round and tinker with them on Photobucket.






We are now heading towards Troy and Canakkale as the rain clouds start to gather, about 50KM before Troy the storm clouds began to darken, neither of us fancied getting too wet so we started to look around for a suitable place to stealth camp. The many olive groves offer the best seclusion. with a little off-roading up a very steep mud bank we found a nice little spot in an old olive grove.



About 5 minutes, if that, the heavens opened after putting up the tent, we learned two things today, firstly our tent is water proof and secondly pitch the tent on soft ground because sleeping on stony ground is bloody awful !!

Tomorrow we continue on to Troy and Canakkale..


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on May 2, 2009.

23 Responses to “DAY 1 – CAMPING SUCKS !!”

  1. (some how our stuff had grown considerably, I have my suspicions who may have been sneaking things aboard) ha ha he didn’t see what i was going to pack!!! (Linda)

  2. Linda…now you got my curiosity set…what were you going to pack?
    Great Post guys..loved the suspense and humor style. It’s a good thing you didn’t get caught in the middle of a riot…The tent seems to be rather small is it?

    • Hi Berge,

      She packed girl stuff, we have enough perfume and deoderent to open a market stall lol…

      • After a few days on the road, you’ll be wishing you’d let her bring all the smelly stuff…!

  3. One must seek out the softest and yet firmest of ground, young Grasshopper. Avoid depressions, as they fill with water and become muddy. I thought the tent looked a little small also. For 2 people to be comfortable one needs a 3 person tent. Lin and I use a 4 person, as that fits us plus our gear with room to move. Helmets go in the corners. Spectacles inside the helmets at night so they dont get squashed. We pad out the sides of the tent with our bags/gear. Our boots go in the corners nearest the entrance.
    NEVER light a stove inside the tent, no matter if it’s pissing down outside. Stoves/flames/tents are a no no. Better to string a small tarp from a tree and cook under that.
    Ah…the joys of the open road.
    Be good.
    Cheers: Jaq.

    • Hi Jaq,
      Yes very much live and learn, but hey we survived a storm and it was free…Grasshopper,,love it lol..

  4. “You got lost” – well that’s not like you Dave… it!!!!

    Would Linda not let you have your shoes inside the tent? I know she’s houseproud or “tentproud” but she’s going a bit far now…..

    Take care – have fun!!

    • Hi Bev,

      Just a little lost… was even worse, only 400km navigational error, Greece was not where we thought it was lol…

  5. Did you know you’ve had 19,873 views on your Ride Report at advrider?
    That’s not bad mate.
    Proves people are reading your on-going story.

    • Hi Jaq,

      Thats quite good but it is harder to a blog on the road than I thought it was going to be, we had a lot of help with todays post but it still took over 2 hours, its so difficult when the pc is in a foriegn language, I have read hundreds of other peoples on the road blogs and a lot of them give up with the photos very quickly, the writing is easy to do though…we will keep trying…today is a Greek pc lol..

      • I found this too. It’s not just the foreign instructions and foreign keyboards (sometimes with all the lettering worn out!); it’s the slow connections that makes loading photos take forever. Also, I was on my own so it was no great shakes to spend hours in darkened internet cafes. Two-up, you’ll be less likely to want to spend time typing. But, once you’re back, I promise you the time you’ll have spent will be worthwhile.

        • Hi Andrew.

          Yes…Foreign computers are a bit of a night mare lol…one in Greece had 5 blank worn keys, took ages to write the post that day lol.

  6. Did not so pack lots of fact we have one can of man deodrant!!!was going to take the laptop and walkman and book and ….wont go on Berge lol……Daves feet STINK!!!! Only prob cant get away in the tent!!!!!!

  7. Blogging on the road. Yeah, I probably won’t update at ADV more than once a week. Couldn’t be bothered doing it every day.
    Some guys email all thier pics and daily reports to a friend and the friend posts it up for them. I may use that approach when we do our ride report.
    Couldn’t find Greece huh?
    It happens I guess.
    They probably took down all the road signs pointing the way after Xerses went through. Nodding wisely here.
    Better luck with Italy.

  8. Hi Dave,
    If you ever run out of money on the trip…go to a flee market and sell the extra stuff Linda packed….lol…BTW…didn’t get your mom’s address…my email is…cheers and safe travels mate.

    • Hi Berge,
      Yeh…theres plenty of stuff to….Oops left in a hurry and forgot, I will e-mail you mums add as soon as I finish todays post.



  9. Hi Dave,

    I came across your website at work today (ıt was a quiet day)its made easy and humorous reading lol.

    could I ask why did you ride so slowly, 80kph is only 50 mph.


    • Hi James,

      Welcome aboard and glad you like it, the actual speed limit in Turkey is 70kph (43mph)



  10. 43 mph….wow that is a really slow speed limit, it must drive you mad at times??


    • Hi James,

      Kinda get used to that speed after a while, there is a positive though…you get great mpg….



  11. reading your blog inspires me to finally do a big trip of my own…with little planning, no maps,no GPS and just school geography in your you go in to the wild blue yonder lol…Amazing!!

    • Hi Donna,

      Yep this touring malarky is nowhere near as difficult as people make it out to be, no fancy riding gear or electronic aids, just the desire to ride and explore!!

      I wish you the best of luck with your trip.



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