My GREEN CARD insurance arrived from Istanbul, first port of call was to my local Traffic Police to ask them to check over all my vehicle paperwork, everything was OK so it was off to the Police Chief next to double check everything, again all was OK.


Riding back home we spotted a nice Aprilla Pegaso 650 parked up, I stopped to have a look and Theo turned up almost immediately with a new clutch cable for it, I lent him my tools to fit the cable then he was straight off to the mechanics to check the Pegaso over, his brother Korhan has just bought it today, this means our little Dalaman bike club just became one bike larger. I quickly asked Theo to read through all the paperwork before he left, so now it’s been triple checked, call me paranoid, but when all your paperwork is in a foreign language you just never know!!

We have decided to go early now, why wait, we shall leave at first light in the morning now, our first destination is TROY, thanks to everyone for your encouragement and well wishes, I will update this blog from Internet cafes en-route.




~ by travelswithmymotorbike on April 30, 2009.

16 Responses to “EUROPE & MOROCCO HERE WE COME !”

  1. Good luck! I’m jealous! Don’t forget to blog!

    • Hi John,

      Cheers for that mate, writing and posting photos on a computer that works in a forign language will only add to the adventure lol..



  2. Oh, and don’t forgot a USB cable or a card reader so you can post some photos!

    • Yes…I tried out the card reader again a couple of hours ago, it makes uploading photos that much easier….a God send.



  3. Bon voyage and have a safe trip.

    All the best,

    Dickyb and Juliet

    • Hi Dave and Juliet,

      Thanks for the good wishes mate, its probably only a matter of time before you and your good lady hit the tarmac again on one of your road trips..



  4. dave: If I get my powerful telescope out, I may be able to spot your ciggy breaks heading East. Good fortune to you and Linda on this trip of a lifetime. You’re making us all envious with this great adventure of yours

    • Hi Bob,

      Thanks for the good wishes, if your going to watch me having ciggie breaks you will be stood at your telescope all day mate lol…



  5. Hi Dave and Linda,
    Good luck on your adventure and ride safe.
    See you soon in sunny Yorkshire.
    All the best mate.

    • Hi Ian,

      Thanks again for the good wishes and all things technological, without your card reader, photos on the blog would have been much more difficult to do, if at all!!



  6. All the best Linda & Dave…Hip Hip Hooray..Hip Hip Hooray
    God’s speed and keep well

    • Hi Berge,
      Cheers for the well wishes, we are now in an internet cafe in Chanakkale trying to figure out how to place the photos on the blogş should be OK the internet cafe guy speaks English and is very helpfull.



  7. Hey Dave and Linda

    Wishing you sunshine and safe travels.
    Did you know there is a Troy in England? Google that for interest.
    Not long until Lin and I fly out either.
    Envious you’re on the road already.
    Ride safe, have fun.

    Cheers: Jaq and Lin.

    • Hi Jaq and Lin,

      Thanks for the well wishes, Just come from Troy now, there are 2 wooden horse mok ups…draw your own conclusion which one is worth seeing lol…



  8. Hi Dave Linda
    Just found my scrap of paper with this address have a graet time

    • Hi Billy,

      Glad you found the bit of paper, cheers for the comment…yeh its been real alright, Italy is just a mad place!!



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