Had a very pleasant surprise today, we went down to our local traffic insurance office and asked them to arrange insurance for my trip. My lengthy Internet searches had led me to believe I would be parting with a Kings ransom today, but I was quite surprised when head office in Istanbul returned with the following:

2 months cover all Europe except Morocco (Pay at the border) 110 Euros.

This was a third of what I was expecting, just goes to show you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet, therefore I decided to order some new brake pads, which in my head are now free, they will be fitted tomorrow. The insurance documents have to come from Istanbul, so perhaps Wednesday or Thursday I should receive them.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on April 27, 2009.


  1. That’s cheap! Good news, though!

    • Hi John,

      Yes, I changed up a load of Euros from the gold shop fearing the worst, I am more than happy with that price, cheap for Turkey!! It makes future bike trips abroad in the years ahead very doable.



  2. “therefore I decided to order some new brake pads, which in my head are now free”

    Yikes! you mean to say that you needed your brakes replaced ? AND, you were actually contemplating a long tour without doing this vital maintenance ! AND, only the insurance savings pushed you over the edge . . .

    • Hi bob,

      There was enough meat on the pad to get me to England, I have planned a maintenance stop in yorkshire near my mothers house, there is horrendos import duty on parts in Turkey 100 – 500% What I have just paid out on genuine Honda pads would buy me a whole bloody engine in UK and a butler to polish it !!

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